US Top Government Security Website Hacked by Anonymous and Login Details Leaked

US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) website has been hacked and taken down by Anonymous hackers against MegaUpload crackdown. FTC website provides Internet security solution and advice to its consumers. Hacktivists not only left their ” We are Legion” message but also gained access to back-end MySQL database and ended up with leaking complete list of  login details, consisting of password hashes on  At the time I was writing this article, was down.


According to Information-Age, AntiSec  group, which is an affiliate of Anonymous has warned the US government to stop SOPA and PIPA bills and put MegaUpload back online. The Group added that “dozens upon dozens of government and company websites”.  AntiSec also to have take control of “hundreds of rooted servers”, as well as passwords, bank accounts and online dating details”. 

This is second big hack from Anonymous group today, as the group took down Brazilian Government website against Piracy crackdown. Another anonymous affiliated group took down many Polish Government website today for supporting ACTA.

 “We have dox files and leaked documentations on many Poland officials, if ACTA is passed, we will release these documents,” the account tweeted later.



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