US Weather.Gov hacked, Data leaked by Kosova Hacker’s Security

A massive amount of data from the official US National Weather Service provider website was leaked online a couple of days ago by Kosova Hacker’s Security.

The National Weather Service (NWS), once known as the Weather Bureau, Weather.Gov provides daily updates on climate data, weather, water, forecasts and warnings for the protection of enhancement of the national economy and life and property. The NWS is also tasked with providing “weather, hydrologic, and climate forecasts and warnings for the United States.

The hackers of “Kosova Hacker’s Security” leaked the data on Pastebin, according to which they found out vulnerabilities in US National Weather Service website

The hackers were then able to pass through all the securities set against the website and have not only hacked the US National Weather Service website but also gained access to sensitive data stored, which has now been leaked to Pastebin:

The hackers also left a message explaining why the hack was done along with the screenshots of the attack, according to the Kosova Hacker’s Security:

” Months ago in the American media write that as Americans have in the field control cybernetics Muslim country servers. We as an organization have taken the order we receive checks in some American servers as it is one of to Weather.Gov. We do not want Americans to take control servers Muslim country .We have infected computers with  botnets very few organizations that deal with anti-Muslim purposes. We will soon publish the many other things the U.S. government and we will never stop year after year . This is our mission”


Few days ago, I updated you with the latest cyber-attacks and threats that are being faced by the US government, the recent attack on US Weather server by the “Kosova Hacker’s Security” proves the threats and loose holes in the government owned websites of the US.

It is the right time for the US to change its policies and perspective towards other nations and concentrate on securing their servers, or that day is not far away when every important civil and military server will be in the hands of hackers.

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