Hacked uTorrent Forum, Mail.ru, Yandex.ru Data Goes on Darknet for Sale

Hackers are now selling stolen data from uTorrent Forum, Mail.ru, and Yandex.ru — The data is in the millions, so brace yourself.

The darknet marketplaces have never been so busy before August and September this year. On the one hand, hackers are conducting massive data breaches. On the other, we have online vendors who are making sure they are not missing any opportunity making money off of those breaches.

Just a couple of days ago HackRead exclusively reported on Dropbox and Bitcointalk.org data being sold on a darknet forum. Now two different vendors are selling the hacked data from uTorrent Forum, Mail.ru and Yandex.ru.

uTorrent Forum Data:

The uTorrent Forum data is being sold by a vendor going using the online handle “DoubleFlag” and contains emails and passwords from uTorrent forum users. Out of a total of 394,769 accounts, some passwords are encrypted with Secure Hash Algorithm 1 (SHA-1) and some with the weak MD5 hashes.

Although according to uTorrent’s security advisory the forum was breached in June. But the vendor has listed that the data was stolen in January 2016. The price listed for the uTorrent account data is BTC 0.9580 (602.34 US Dollar).

Screenshot from the darknet marketplace

Mail.ru Data:

Mail.ru, Russian Internet giant has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. A vendor going by the online handle of “saul_berenson” is selling 57 million Mail.ru accounts on darknet in BTC 1.0000 (628.78 US Dollar).

The sold data includes emails and MD5 passwords of Mail.ru users. According to the seller, “these passwords are very easy to crack.” Remember Mail.ru was hacked twice, one in July and August 2016 when 27 million accounts were stolen and before that in May 2016 when 57 million accounts were stolen. We suspect that the stolen data is from May 2016 breach.

Screenshot from the DarkNet platform

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Yandex.ru Data:

Yandex is another Russian Internet giant serving as the country’s largest search engine and like Mail.ru the corporation has been under attack by hackers numerous times. However, now, a vendor is selling 6.5 million Yandex accounts containing emails and passwords. The total number of sold accounts is 659,5756 with both hashed and clear-text passwords.

In an exclusive conversation with the seller, HackRead was told that the data contains accounts from 2012 and April 2016.


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If you have an account with any of the aforementioned platforms, change your password ASAP. One big reason we are posting these listings here is to highlight the importance of changing your password on weekly or at least monthly basis.

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