Viber’s Apple App store hacked, description changed by Syrian Electronic Army

Last week I reported that the famous and widely used Viber messenger was hacked by some Syrian Electronic Army and they also defaced the support page by writing that this Israeli based Viber messenger is tracking you and spying you.

Having said that, a similar incident occurred today when the description page of Viber on the Apple store has been hacked and defaced by hackers. They defaced this description page by writing that we have designed this application for the purpose of spying you, so please download this app.

It has not yet been ascertained that whether this hack has also been performed by the same Syrian Electronic Company but there are possibilities that the hackers behind this activity might have been able to gain access to different other developer functions.

After the first attack, Viber responded that it was caused because an employee faced a phishing attack which allowed the hackers to gain access to our support and administration panel. They also stressed that no personal or confidential data of any of our customers was exposed to the hackers.

Syrian Electronic Army has also been successful in hacking the website of a famous messaging app known as Tango and also the largest telephone directory in the world which is known as TrueCaller. True caller was hacked because of the reason that they were still using a version of Word Press which is now outdated. which is the helpdesk of Viber is utilizing a customer support software of Kayako and the same software is being used by approximately 30, 000 organizations or more. This helpdesk of Viber has been defaced by the SAE as said earlier. Kayako came up with a statement that the data and the helpdesk of all our customers is always our top priority. Viber has stated that it looks like a compromise on an individual account. Having said so, we at Kayako have carried out an auditing of our systems and still there has been no report of compromise on the account of any other customer that we have.

On this recent attack, the Viber team also posted a comment stating that the hacked description page was brought to its original condition within a very short time. It was only a minor superficial change. There has been no damage to the data or any other confidential information of our customers and the app is fully secure. However we are taking all necessary measures to ensure that none of such breach can be made in future.

The Syrian Electronic Army has contacted and accepted the responsibility of  hacking of Viber’s account at the App store. They have also said that all the information or the data is safe and we have just hacked it to prove that we went on to gain access to a large number of login details and systems.


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