Viking Horde Malware Turns Android Devices into BotNet

Viking Horde malware gains root access of any Android device — It can steal your personal data, conduct DDoS attacks and ad frauds.

Android devices are under constant threat of malware attacks, recently, an IT security firm Check Point has exposed a dangerous malware targeting Android devices. They call it Viking Horde malware which has infected several apps on Google PlayStore such as Viking Jump, Memory Booster, Parrot Copter, Simple 2048, Wifi Plus and Parrot Copter.

Tip: Don’t install apps asking for root access privileges

Usually, a malware steals users’ financial and login details but Viking Horde turns the infected devices into a botnet, a network of devices infected with malicious software and controlled by attackers without the owners’ knowledge to send spam, conduct cyber attacks including Distributed Denial of Service attacks (DDoS). That’s not all, Viking Horde is developed to perform other scams including ad clicks so attackers can get some bucks.

List of 5 Android apps carrying Viking Horde malware / Image Source: Check Point

Once the user downloads these infected apps, they serve the users with unwanted ads. Thanks to the Google’s slow scanning process for Android that such apps avoid detection by Google Bouncer. (Pun intended). Google Bouncer is an automatic app testing system that detects inherent security issues of the device.

The Viking Horde malware is currently targeting both rooted and unrooted Android devices. However, those using rooted devices are more vulnerable to this malware. The malware also gains root access privileges making it almost impossible to remove unless you really know what you are dealing with.

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Check Point notified Google about these apps on 5th May 2016 however, at the moment, Google did not remove any of these infected apps so, for now, you are on your own. 

Check Point 

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