Virgin Radio Dubai Website Hacked, Database Left for Sale

A hacker going with the handle of OxAlien has hacked the official website of Virgin Radio Dubai ( yesterday, as a result the database has been compromised and apparently left for sale.

The hack was announced by hacker on his official Twitter account, where OxAlien posted up a picture of the site’s database along with a message of defacement coming soon.

Virgin Radio Dubai Website Hacked, Database Left for Sale

  • Expect a deface soon

At first the hacker started tweets, offering buyers to bid for Virgin Radio site’s database, then claimed that five companies have already contacted and shown interest in buying the site’s database in 250$. By his tweets it seemed as if the hack is an act of financial gain.

Virgin Radio Dubai Website Hacked, Database Left for Sale-2

  • 5 companies contacted me so far wanting the DB of and all are willing to pay >:) ANYMORE?!.”

Then came another tweet where the hacker totally changed his stance and claimed that hack was more an act of hacktivism.

  • All the money will go to charity Hooray!

In the end the location and agenda of hacker remains unknown, if wasn’t cleared if OxAlien sold the database or not? that also remains unclear, yet the site wasn’t defaced as told in the tweet.

Virgin Radio Dubai is the first and only local station that is all about the latest hit music whether that’s pop, rhythm or rock.

At the time of publishing this article, the Virgin Radio Dubai site was restored and working online.


The Virgin Radio website was later defaced by OxAlien, leaving a deface page with an explanation of why the site was attacked and deface. The message says that site was defaced due to Western singers come to UAE and hacker doesn’t like that and so as the people of UAE.

The deface page along with the site’s mirror has been posted below:

We the noble citizens of the United Arab Emirates are ashamed to see singers, dancers and bling bling whores coming here to spread their filth in our country, It’s a shame really, We can’t do anything except protest on twitter whenever you dumb turds pay hundreds of thousands of cash just to sponsor a singer.

Your database is with me =) I’ll sell the admin login script in the black market to get some CA$H >:)
No files have been deleted from your server.

Site’s link:


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