Visa card payment network goes down across Europe

Visa card payment network goes down across Europe

You are not alone; Visa payment network is down across Europe – The company says it is aware and working to fix the issue.

If you are unable to process your Visa credit or debit card then you are not alone; Visa card payment network is currently suffering service outage throughout Europe.

The significance of Visa service outage cannot be underplayed since it is Friday night in Europe which happens it is the perfect time for people to go out. It is advised that you must carry cash with you as restaurants, bars and supermarkets etc are currently unable to process Visa card payments.

The service outage began at 2.30pm on Friday and currently, the exact reason for this outage is unclear. The good news, however, is that ATMs across the region have not been affected and customers can still withdraw cash. Also, American Express and Mastercard service is up and running.

Visa users in Europe have been tweeting about the issue while the company, on the other hand, has also acknowledged the issue and tweeted that it is investigating the issue. The tweet was posted three hours ago and since then there has been no update.

“We are currently experiencing a service disruption which is preventing some transactions in Europe from being processed,” tweet Visa. “We are investigating the cause and working as quickly as possible to resolve the situation. We will keep you updated.”

In one of the tweets from VISA customers, it was confirmed that their payment card did not work at a petrol pump which is quite alarming since it can create problems for the authorities. So if you are driving remember to carry some cash with you.

Barclays Bank UK has also confirmed the outage and tweeted that “We’re aware of an issue with declined card payments and are working to fix it as soon as possible.” According to The Guardian, many users are facing difficulties and complaining about large queues at cash machines, grocery stores, and gas stations.

At the time of publishing this article, Visa service was still down. Stay tuned as it is a breaking news and will be updated accordingly.


In a tweet on 2nd June 2018, Visa UK’s official Twitter handle announced restoring the impacted service. “We have resolved a technical issue that impacted some consumers across Europe. Visa account holders can now use Visa for any of their purchases and at ATMs. We apologize to all our partners & especially to Visa cardholders who were affected,” the tweet said.

However, it is still unclear why the service went down.

Image credit: Matthew Daniel Nelson/Twitter

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