Analysis of the recent volatility in the cryptocurrency market

The cryptocurrency market is extremely volatile. The unpredictable nature is both good and bad for traders and investors. Regardless of that, it gives you countless opportunities to make profits, but losses too are real. If you’re investing in Ether or any other crypto, there are multiple ways you can earn passive crypto income.

Discover effective strategies to manage your investment in ETH during market downturns while ensuring the security of your digital assets.


Blocking one’s funds on Ethereum or any other PoS blockchain helps validate transactions. Plus, you get the opportunity to earn rewards. On staking ETH, the buyers are putting their souls in the game to secure the network. In return, they earn considerable rewards in the form of tokens or ETH.

If you are a newbie, stalking may turn out to be expensive. As an alternative method, you can use ETH stalking service providers which will cost you less in terms of fees.


Referred to as “hold on for dear life”, HODL is a practice to hold cryptocurrency for a long-time with the aim of profitable investment. Holding ETH is a way to ensure that its price will elevate in the future and they will sell it on getting a profitable deal.

Since crypto prices are volatile, you can expect them to fluctuate rapidly. Having said that, it means you must prepare yourself for losses and invest only a limited amount you can afford to lose.


As the name signifies, lending is another significant way that enables investors to generate a steady passive income stream. The investors lend crypto to borrowers at a high-interest rate using centralized or decentralized platforms. Keep in mind, centralized platforms are vulnerable to hacking attempts.

It’s worth mentioning that decentralized platforms ensure top-notch security and transparency. Amateur investors can use these exchanges to maximize their profits.

Automated Trading

Investors also use bots for automated trading of Ethereum. These bots are software applications that utilized specialized algorithms for selling and purchasing crypto. Using these software apps, the trades are set up automatically based on certain market conditions.

Successful automated trading can ensure stable passive income. However, you must keep in mind the risks that come complimentary.

Liquidity Mining

Also known as yield farming, liquidity mining is one of the most feasible ways to earn passive income from cryptocurrency. In this technique, traders lend their ETH to liquidity pools, particularly on decentralized platforms, and earn rewards.

When trading cryptocurrency, you need to pay a certain amount of fee which is later divided among the farmers.

Hope learning these ways in detail will help you to earn passive income through cryptocurrency.

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