Arab Coalition Forces Let You Watch Yemen War on Snapchat

Do you want to watch the Saudi Arabian-led war in Yemen on your mobile device? Well, there is a guy who is officially posting everything about Yemen war on his Snapchat account.

Saudi Arab’s military action is open for all and the pictures are being posted on Snapchat. The account is regularly updated which lets followers know everything about the airstrikes carried out against Houthi rebels.

Majid Al-Sabah, a popular Snapchat user from Kuwait having more than a million followers was officially allowed by Saudi Army to enter the Saudi-led coalition operations & planning department as well as military’s command & control centre in Riyad.

The Arab news reported that Majid Al-Sabah has shared latest photos and information about the bombing from a Scud missile as well as sites of officers from the countries which are part of the coalition in the air strikes against Yemeni rebels.

Here are four images taken from Majid’s Instagram:

Majed Al-Sabah with Arab Coalition Forces / Image Source: Instagram

The countries which are part of the coalition are mostly Gulf countries like Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Sudan and the UAE.

This war started when in March 2015 Shia Houthis in Yemen tried to take over the Yemeni government from the capital Sanaa. After this rebellion act, Saudia decided to launch a military action against the rebels and so the war continues.

HRW (The Human Rights Watch) says, Saudi military’s airstrikes have killed more than 2500 civilians.

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