Waterproof Samsung Galaxy S III and iPhone 5 [Video Included]

We all have read many rumors in the past about Apple iPhones and Samsung Galaxy phones but this time it’s a “WOW” rumor by an anonymous gossipmonger who I considered to be the working for the largest United Kingdom’s retailer. According to him, the next Samsung Android phone is going to be “waterproof” and not only this but the upcoming iPhone 5 is also going to have same feature.

Later on, that anonymous tipster explained the phenomena too which is that both these phones are going to have a nano-coating which wont let water penetrate. Perhaps, this idea came into his mind after watching the technology developed by “Liquipel” which resembles the Nokia water-resistant coating introduced by Nokia in October, 2011 and the HzO thing from January, 2012. HzO Water-Block uses undetectable vapor coating that wraps around the innards of your device by protective nono-sized molecules protect the processor, RAM and other such sensitive electronics items which may get moist and malfunction.

Hats off to the manufacturers for introducing such coating which makes your phone waterproof and still having no affect on the phone’s profile and weight. And when it comes to latest expensive devices iPhone 4 and Samsung Galaxy Nexus etc then this coating is a must for the rough users.

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