Websites of SriLankan Ministry of Rehab & Prison Reforms and Chief Government Whip of Parliament Hacked

AblazeEver hacker from Bangladeshi Grey Hat Hackers have hacked and defaced three high profile SriLankan government websites, one of Ministry of Rehabilitation & Prison Reforms (, second of Chief Government Whip of Parliament ( Mr.Dinesh C.R Gunawardena who is also the Minister Of Water Supply and Drainage of the country and third of Deyata Kirula National Development Exhibition (

Hackers left their deface page along with a message all 3 hacked websites against the disrespecting of Islam, leaving last warning message for the government of SriLanka. 

THIS SITE HAS BEEN Hacked BY Ablaze Ever~~ I Protest Against Disrespect Of “Islam” Why do you insult ISLAM when we don’t INSULT your RELIGION?!?! Last Warning For Sri Lanka Government Stop This!!

Message To Srilanka Gov. : We are Sinhalese” Group Protests Muslims and Halal Meat, Burn Effigy of “Allah” !!!! In this protest, the cut-outs and banners read: Sri Lanka is not an Arab country for making halal foods.Halal is a death trap to destroy the Sinhala nation.One of cut-out had a picture of a pig with “Allah” written on it.And they burnt an effigy named “Halal.” ~~~~~~~I THINK YOU NEVER PLAY WITH Muslims~~~~~~~ MESSAGE —– I’M NEVER GO AWAY FROM YOU~
Links and mirrors of hacked websites:

SriLankan government is under massive cyber attack these days, just three days ago, the official website of Ministry of Finance was also hacked and defaced by Brazilian hackers.

At the time of publishing this article, website of Ministry of Rehab & Prison Reforms was hacked, displaying deface page left by BDGHH. While other two sites were displaying deface pages left by Kuwaiti hackers.

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