Hacked: 43M Weebly and 22M FourSquare accounts stolen

Weebly has confirmed the data breach whilst FourSquare disputes the findings claiming they were not hacked.

The data breach notification LeakedSource has revealed that the web design platform Weebly and FourSquare, a local search-and-discovery service mobile app suffered a data breach. As a result, 43,430,316 Weebly and 22,534,984 FourSquare users accounts were stolen.

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Weebly Breach:

Weebly, San-Francisco based “drag-n-drop” website creator suffered a massive data breach in February 2016 in which 43,430,316 accounts were stolen. Now LeakedSource has a copy of that data supplied by an anonymous source. Each record contains a username, email address, password, and IP address.

The good news is that passwords are secured with the strong hashing algorithm bcrypt and no credit card data was stolen. Weebly does not store financial information on their server. LeakedSource informed Weebly about the breach who has now officially confirmed that they company’s servers were indeed breached.

“We do not believe that any customer website has been improperly accessed,” Weebly said in the notice to users.”

Weebly is sending password reset emails to its users, but in case you have not received one yet – simply change your password.

FourSquare Breach:

The NewYork-based company FourSquare suffered a security breach in December 2013 in which 22,534,984 user accounts were stolen however FourSquare has denied that it was hacked and claims that email addresses were simply cross-referenced with publicly available data from Foursquare. The data includes usernames, emails and Twitter and Facebook IDs.

“We have done an internal investigation and no breach has occurred,” said a FourSquare representative. 

The year 2016 has been a bad year for online tech and social media giants. Remember, 500 million Yahoo, 68 million DropBox, 427 Million MySpace and 68 Million Tumblr accounts have already been leaked this year. 

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Here is a list of top 10 email domains leaked in Weebly breach:


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