Westboro Baptist Church’s Official Facebook Page Hacked by Anonymous

Westboro Baptist Church's Official Facebook Page Hacked by Anonymous

Remember #OpWestBoro where Anonymous hackers had hacked and taken over the official website of Westboro Baptist Church? Well Online hackavists have once again attacked the Westboro Baptist Church, this time they have managed to hack and takeover the official Facebook page of Westboro Baptist Church.

Westboro Baptist Church's Official Facebook Page Hacked by Anonymous-3

The page was hacked yesterday, where contents have been replaced with a combination of images, comments and videos that somewhat oppose the controversial group’s views.

Westboro Baptist Church's Official Facebook Page Hacked by Anonymous-2
The description of Church’s Facebook was also changed from original to this: THE OFFICIAL WESTBORO BAPTIST CHURCH FACEBOOK PAGE YA’LL..Church Leaders; Marilyn Manson, Anonymous, and Captain Crunch.

 New posts also contains motivational and peaceful verses from Quran, Bible, quotes by Peter H Reynolds and  Martin Luther King Jr.

It seems as if Anonymous hackers decided to hack the page when Church posted their views on Boston bombing “Thank God for the Boston Marathon Bombs!! Westboro Baptist Church to picket funeral of those killed. #PraiseGod.”

At the time of publishing this article, the Facebook page of Westboro Baptist Church was still hacked and under Anonymous hackers.


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