Insight: What is Heficed Kronos Cloud Server

Let’s understand why cloud servers such as Kronos are one step ahead of conventional and dedicated servers.

Transforming your business into a cloud server system needs proper acknowledgment. Before tracing its popularity, let’s dig deep into why you should shift your business to the cloud-like Heficed‘s Kronos. You may have got to know of cloud systems while uploading your favorite photos, videos, etc.

How demanding is Kronos?

But it’s a much more vital and professional issue than that circumstance. In this advanced world, companies are shifting their whole IT system to cloud-based infrastructure. Besides, it is projected that more than 28% of the total IT market will transform into the cloud by 2022.

Meanwhile, its opportunities and market value, demand, etc., are growing like a skyscraper; several companies have come as a service provider of this cloud server system. Kronos cloud server, a significant bare metal solution of Heficed, has already started serving numerous professionals.

As data is the future of your company, don’t let it be insecure or vulnerable. What positive attempts from the Kronos cloud server can help your cloud activities out from any uneven situations? Let’s see.


Research indicates that many professionals have done or want to shift their activities to clouds for extra savings. As cloud servers operate like an on-demand method, you can still start with a tiny investment while struggling with a tight budget. As soon as your company goes more considerable, more investing or increment can be done here.

In the global business aspect, you will find limitless companies paid for storage space with no proper use. So, if you are not utilizing it or ending up using it totally, Kronos can transform your behavior into a cost-effective one.

Once you can successfully manage to keep the cost down, other investment gateways will open. Besides, Kronos does not charge you for any configuration, hardware management, etc. Lessening the investment of hardware purchases makes a severe positive impact on your budget.


The more you keep official activities simple, the more success you will have. As a conventional approach, purchasing any software, hardware, etc., is almost a mandatory schedule. For this, users require proper research before buying. It’s not even the final procedure. Then, you have to look for better hardware to run it.

You need IT experts to install, deal with emigration data, check for security drawbacks, and so on. Meanwhile, licensing is another time-consuming issue. Avoiding these steps is almost not negotiable until cloud servers come to this scenario. Kronos cloud infrastructure comes with much more simplicity than you can ever imagine from clouds.

Meanwhile, you do not require any IT expert team. Instead, you can host your chosen software on the cloud server while operating it from there too. Any updates, modifications that professionals require will appear to the cloud. So, a more significant portion of your designated team can utilize their time in other fields.


Keeping your business’s annual growth goals successful requires much attention and time investment. While professionals start using their activities with a tiny budget while having limited resources, the focus will be divided into parts. As a result, no overarching goals can be found victorious.

To get something new, your team needs to think more extensively. Exploring new apps and software will practically make your team aware of new opportunities and tackle challenges. Kronos offers a broader exploration to configure, research, and build out distinct plans.

Journey with the Kronos cloud infrastructure shows users how not to limit or confine your activities. Meanwhile, you simply have to serve them access so that they can harvest innovation. During any failure or difficulty in trials, you can still delete the whole thing. But in return, they ensure a more extensive scope of scaling your storage back.

Well, now let’s understand why cloud servers such as Kronos are one step ahead of conventional and dedicated servers.

  1. Kronos doesn’t rely on any physical hardware system, which is very unlike a dedicated server. Meanwhile, it resides in several data centers where users meet a lot of other servers. This bunch of servers protects against any interruptions or breakdowns. So, you have got its reliability, don’t you? 
  2. Cloud servers like Kronos are more user-friendly while requiring many resources in critical situations. Besides, you do not have any physical restrictions.
  3. Clouds are highly versatile so that users do not need to pick any package-based offers or deals. As you need to only pay for what resources you have used, there are no costly deals indeed.

What is the storage of Heficed cloud services?

In Los Angeles and London, Heficed, aka Kronos cloud server, utilizes SSD (Solid State Drive) oriented storage. Meanwhile, you will find the hybrid hard drive (HHD) and NVMe (nonvolatile memory express) utilization in Frankfurt, Chicago, São Paulo, and Johannesburg. To keep the cloud service nicely going, its back-end storage gets operated on Ceph.

Ceph is just another advanced storage scheme that connects intensely scalable objects, and file-oriented storage, all of these in one combined platform. Usually, you will find replicated and barred device images across the whole storage cluster. Meanwhile, providing users the required access to block gadget’s images offers RADOS Block Device (RBD) of Ceph.

What backup possibilities Heficed’s Kronos cloud server has?

Heficed automated system has come up with a backup that reflects a secure disk image snapshot. Users can choose the number of backup grooves or attach an SLA or service-level agreement plan for an additional expense while having a new server setup.

Meanwhile, every server can hold not more than eight backup slots. Though the Heficed team directs service-level agreement backups, professional users can reestablish their system from a picked backup.

Final Words

Whatever you get from the solution provider, it is always helpful to recheck whether it is cost-effective or not. As you run the business, data is more important than anything which needs protection. By this time, advancement in the IT field has deposed a vast change.

Kronos is also an indispensable option when your benefits and costs come over. Meanwhile, why you should choose it over other tons of providers needs to make proper sense. Reading this article out, you may have got some vital outcomes that have made it a recognizable provider in the competition crowd. 

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