What will Google do in 2013? Here is the complete list of upcoming Google products

what-would-google-do-book2012 was another fine year for Google and the statistics prove this quite clearly. Google was probably one of the most benefited brands of 2012. So, before coming to our topic of discussions let’s have a flashback of what happened with Google in 2012:

Google in 2012 brought an android update 4.1 (Jelly bean update) which was more than successful, each new Smartphone was having this update installed by default in it. Google plus turned out to be an instant success for Google with over 250 million users and turned out to be the third largest social network online after face book and twitter

Google TV

Google TV was an amazing innovation by Google; the pictures from the TV were of high definition and natural too. Google Fiber was launched in 2012 it provided fantastic speeds to the internet, the speeds were far higher were far then normal broadband speeds.

Now let’s move on towards of discussion that is what Google will really do in 2013:

Get internet all over the international boundaries:

Google plans to get internet all over the earth through its project O3b “other three billion”. This project is introduced to ensure availability of internet all around the globe and about 3 billion people are still facing unavailability of internet. Google is planning to launch 8 satellites all over the world that would help both the internet and mobile operators.

More fascinating technologies and apps Google will certainly push on for some fascinating apps this year, Google glass is one of them. Google glass is one of the fascinating technologies you would ever likely to see, through it tons of first user generated contents can be produced and a lot more traffic on mobile would be through videos. Already, Google has launched some of the best apps on mobile such as voice recognition and voice-search.

Working on mobile revenues:

Mobiles have already outnumbered the number of human beings on the Earth and according to a stat a 500 percent increase in the year 2012 is recorded. So, Google want to create some revenue out of this particular fact too. Although, cpc for mobile ads is low in comparison to the ones that are showed on a desktop pc but with the intervention of iOS devices Google ads could be shown at a much wider web place such as games, videos and online software. Usually, these things doesn’t run properly on normal devices.

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  1. Are you aware of the Google Business Photos project? Basically it is Street View 360 degree virtual tours INSIDE businesses. Under the Google Maps umbrella, Google is signing up businesses to get the inside photographed with the same technology as the Street View does outside. Soon every business will have a ‘See Inside’ button as part of their search results. Although really started more than a year ago, I predict it will really catch on in 2013.

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