What You Need to Know About Creating A Website

Although 100% security is a myth, implementing it on the maximum level on your website is a must.

Whether for a business venture or a graphic design portfolio, creating a website is an essential task for many people from many different walks of life. It may seem complex before you start, but once you separate your tasks and ensure that you are not making any fundamental mistakes, creating a website is a simple and worthwhile undertaking. There are a few vital elements of a website – such as web hosting and purchasing a domain name – but once you have ensured these are dealt with, you’re able to tinker with your site to make it just right for your purposes. 

Optimize it for Mobile

The biggest mistake you can make is to create a website just for computer screens. An increasing number of people access a website on their smartphones and therefore designing for mobile devices is imperative to the success of your site. As you are building your site, try to check it regularly with both Apple and Android devices to hand. 

Security & Backup

Although 100% security is a myth, implementing it on the maximum level on your website is a must. It is advised to use DDoS protection on your website and choose hosting service who is genuinely aware of the growing threat of cyber attacks on websites. Furthermore, backup your data and do not give crooks a chance to steal your work and destroy your reputation.

Publish Content 

Regular and relevant content uploads are essential for a successful website. It is important to remember to optimize any media that you do publish on to your site. If you fail to optimize videos and photos for the web, it will slow down your website, making it a real drag for web users to navigate.


You should see your website’s design as the digital ‘face’ of your brand. Therefore, the layout is essential: try to keep it minimal and clean for a professional look – this will also be simple to maintain and the site should be easy to run and use for your visitors.

The design of your site is imperative to its success because an unprofessional website layout can cause visitors to leave your site.


Without a website host, people will not be able to access your site via the internet. It is important that you utilize a good web hosting service including reselling cloud hosting, because you will need a fast loading speed on your website to ensure that your site doesn’t ‘bounce’ when users are trying to access it.

If people can’t get to your site, they’ll never see what you have to offer, and all your careful work in constructing it will have been for waste.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) 

‘Search Engine Optimization’ is a term that designates how high up a search engine your website will be when keywords are typed in. Ensuring that your website is designed to a high standard, hosted well and is accessible will all help to boost your SEO.

However, there are additional things you can do to improve your website’s SEO, like regularly updating your social media accounts with insightful content. This will help because it shows that you are active online, and a genuine organization or individual that can be trusted.

It is also worth writing a blog to show that your website is active – sharing useful and engaging information with your customers. 

Although it can be a challenge to create a website from scratch for the first time, once you understand the key principles, it’s simple and painless to get yourself up on the internet. 

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