WhatsApp Voice Calling Invitation Text Spreads Malware on Smartphone

If you are using WhatsApp and have got a text message asking you to click a link in order to start using WhatsApp’s so-called voice calling service, do yourself a favor and DO NOT click it. Just delete it.

Researchers have found out that it is actually cyber criminals and scammers using the popular messaging service to spread a malware on your smartphone.

The Market Business reported that hackers are using fake WhatsApp invites to trick users into clicking a link which takes them further to different websites asking them to take part in a survey. Once the survey is completed, the users are again tricked into downloading several unknown third party app on their smartphones, which increases the chance of installing and spreading malware.

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The fake invitation also encourages WhatsApp users to invite their top 10 most active friends on WhatsApp to the voice calling service so that their smartphones and personal information can also be compromised.

Don’t click the link if you receive this text and do not invite any friend.
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So be careful and don’t get this text mixed with those invitations sent by WhatsApp to certain Android users in India to test upcoming calling service. However, for now, you can not invite anyone anymore as the invitation for calling service has been disabled until further notice.

At the moment the date of WhatsApp’s voice calling service has not been announced. Once released users will be able to make free call via WhatsApp.

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