Wikileaks Releases Documents From CIA Boss John Brennan’s Email Account

The CIA boss John Brennan had his AOL-based email account hacked earlier this week by pro-Palestinian hackers — Now WikiLeaks has leaked some of the email content to public under the name of The CIA Files.

Wikileaks has announced that they have the access to the contents of the recently hacked email account of John Brennan (The CIA’s chief). They also have released a small proportion of the hacked content calling it The CIA Files.

The federal officials, two days back reported that they are still looking into the hack, but this news has added more to the story, which began last Sunday.

On October 20, 2015, we reported that 2 high school hackers hacked into the email account of CIA’s chief John Brennan and announced that the account was hacked in support of a free Palestine.

Documents leaked from the email account are still unclear, but few of the documents that are already made public include a spreadsheet with email addresses and Social security numbers of many former and current CIA officials.

The spreadsheet was leaked through a twitter account which later suspended.

The documents leaked by WikiLeaks include advisory documents Brennan sent to president Obama in 2011 and some content on US strategy in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

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