Good News for Wikipedia Readers- Encrypted Connections Coming Soon

Awesome News for Wikipedia Readers- Encrypted Connections Coming Your Way Pretty Soon.

Currently, data between users and is unencrypted, and this increases the chances of being spied upon. However, now this scenario will be changed pretty soon.

The Wikipedia Foundation announced on Friday that it is going to move its websites towards HTTPS by default in order to ensure encrypted data transmission across its servers.

Stop spying on us: Wikipedia sues NSA over mass Internet surveillance


This announcement was made in a post on the Wikimedia blog. Apparently all of the Wikimedia sites including Wikimedia Commons, Wiktionary and Wikipedia will become encrypted in a couple of weeks.

According to Wikimedia, the organization has been working on this move since 2011 but the efforts were stepped up post 2013 when the government’s surveillance tactics got revealed.

The organization did take some time in completing its HTTPS project and all that remains now is the updating of its back-end systems to support encrypted user connections.

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