Windows 10 May Not Be Free for Businesses Anymore

Windows 10 May Not Be Free for Businesses Anymore
JAKARTA, SEPTEMBER 02, 2015: Laptop computer with Windows 10 logo. Windows 10 is the latest operating system developed by Microsoft Corporation on July 29, 2015.

Microsoft has always referred to Windows 10 as a service, which we suspected was a hint that the software giant may at some point start charging some fee for the maintenance of the OS. Now, a report suggests that it is happening for real but apparently it is only aimed at businesses and not common Windows 10 users.

According to a report from CNet’s Mary Jo Foley, Microsoft will soon be launching “Microsoft Managed Desktop” service for Windows 10 users, which will configure computers for a monthly fee. The service will allow the smooth running of the OS especially when the system is installing new updates.

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However, a report from TechTimes, suggest that Microsoft plans to charge monthly subscription fees for Windows 10 is wrong and only “includes businesses.” TechTimes’ Carl Velasco labeled initial reports as “clickbait.”

What is it all about

It is basically a new version or refined form of the Desktop as a Service. The purpose behind launching this new service is to let customer lease a device running on Windows 10 so that it automatically gets updated whenever there is a new update.

The primary difference between Microsoft’s desktop as a service and other companies’ services in the same name is the updating aspect. Other companies are offering a similar service under the name Modern Workplace as a Service (MWaaS).

The reason is that Microsoft’s bi-yearly updates for the OS have become a nuisance for Windows 10 users because every new update brings forth various compatibility issues with other apps. Also, the never-ending array of patches and vulnerability fixes have made it very difficult and annoying for Windows 10 users to enjoy a seamless operation.

Therefore, Microsoft will now be making the updating process a lot smoother with the newly launched service. But, obviously, the convenience has a price in the form of a single monthly fee. But, the venture isn’t a newly devised one as Microsoft has been at it for the past one year. It has significantly broadened the accessibility of Windows Autopilot automatic device provisioning service.

Microsoft also has improved device financing skills substantially with programs like Surface as a service, which is a leasing program, and Surface Plus and Surface Plus for Business. At the moment Microsoft is offering Office 365, Windows 10 and other Intune security and device-management products in its Microsoft 365 subscription package.

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Currently, it is unclear whether Microsoft will be extending selling rights of this new program to its partners to add value or will be selling it directly to high-end and large-scale enterprise customers. Or, it could be both ways. Foley revealed another important bit of information in her write-up: 

“One of my contacts said that Bill Karagounis – former Director of the Windows Insider Program & OS Fundamentals team, who last year joined the Enterprise Mobility and Management part of Windows and Devices – is in charge of the coming Microsoft Managed Desktop.”

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