Windows 10 Lets Users Log into Their PC with a Picture Password

Since its release, Windows 10 is surrounded by controversies, but at the same time the operating system offers some mind-blowing features such as logging into your system with a picture password.

Windows 10 enables you to log into your computer in more ways than ever. It’s up to you whether you choose to use a normal password, a picture password or a pin code or use Windows Hello and its biometric login system.

Picture passwords made their debut when Windows 8 was launched, and it also features in Windows 10. It works by assigning patterns to a picture which the user will then replicate every time they wish to log into their PC. This makes for quick and hassles free access to Windows. Setting it up is easy:

Step 1: Straightaway Navigate to Settings, then Accounts, then Sign-in options.

Step 2: Right Under Picture Password, hit Add.

Step 3: Strictly follow the instruction which includes selecting a picture, then drawing a combination of patterns including circles, taps and straight lines.

Step 4: Once completed, your Picture Password is ready. The test is by locking your PC (Windows Key + L), and reiterating the patterns you just allocated on the picture you’ve chosen.

Emojis To Be Your New Pin Codes  

Picture passwords are a rapid way to log in to your PC, but just like PIN codes, a bit unsafe because if someone is standing behind you while you enter them, you could give them away.

If you want to ensure your device’s safety its highly recommended to use your full Microsoft ID password or Windows Hello if your hardware supports it.

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