Dude exposes Windows 10 Spying tactics in a beautiful song

A YouTube user ‘Sir.O’ wants you to understand clearly what the Microsoft Service Agreement’s Section 7B tries to convey.. and he did so through singing the entire section.

Microsoft’s Service Agreement’s Section 7B claims that it might use some updates on Windows 10 OS to fully scan, identify and block pirated games on your computer.

Microsoft Releases Updates To Spy On Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 Users

Image credit: YouTube

But a YouTube user Sir.O wants to show that Microsoft is trying to spy on its users without their knowledge using this particular term. However, it is evident that not many of us could comprehend what Microsoft wants to convey through this service agreement. Therefore, Sir.O decided to sing the entire section just to help us get the message clearly.

Prevent Windows 10 From Spying On Your Search Data  

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