Windows 10 Should be banned for Spying on Users – Demands Russia

After the release of Windows 10, we reported how the operating system spies on its users and how to disable selected features to stop the OS from spying on you.

Now Russian state agencies, lawyers and lawmakers have demanded a ban on Windows 10 claiming that the OS spies on its users and infringes the Russian laws.

Windows 10 Uses Your Bandwidth to Send Updates to Other Users

Windows 10 has already been released all over the world and large numbers of users are using it. However, Win10 has come under the hammer now regarding its privacy settings. Recently, it was reported that Win10 communicates with the servers of Microsoft even when the user disables this function.

Now, to add more fuel to the fire, Russian lawmakers have come forward and filed a complaint against the OS at the Prosecutor General’s Office. They have demanded a ban on Win10 in Russia citing privacy settings issues.

Russian lawmakers claim that Microsoft is using Win10 OS to collect user information and breaches Russia’s local laws. The lawyers have collaborated with Moscow’s Bubnov and Partners legal practice firm and they have claimed that information like passwords, text messages, browsing history and location etc., is being stored by Win10. Therefore, it violated Russia’s regulations. Moreover, the vice-speaker of the State Duma has asked the government of Russia to ban this OS.

Windows 10 is Free, But Microsoft is Charging For Add-Ons/Other Features

The Moscow Times reports that last week State Duma Deputy Vadim Solovyov officially sent a request to the Prosecutor General’s Office for reviewing Win10 about the OS’s ability to spy on users.

However, an anonymous spokesperson from Microsoft while speaking to The Moscow Times denied these allegations and stated that:

“The new operating system offers users the choice of how they want it to handle their data and users can change the settings at any point.”

The Russian Association for Electronic Communications defended Windows 10 by stating that it has flexible privacy settings and doesn’t violate Russian laws.

Watch out for Windows 10 Phishing Scam:

Scammer are targeting users with Windows 10 phishing scam in which they lure the victim into downloading CTB-Locker which further leads to ransomware. The phishing email talks about downloading Windows 10 for free.

This is not the first time when Russian lawmakers have urged the authorities to ban an American tech firm providing services in Russia. In past, a sitting MP of the regional parliament of Saint Petersburg, Mr. Vitaly Milonov, introduced a new law to shut down the Facebook for encouraging users to display gay rights movement’s rainbow flag.

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