A Hong Kong woman was caught smuggling 102 iPhone devices to Mainland China – That’s not all, she was also carrying 15 Tissot wrist watches all tied to their chest and waist.

Since iPhones are sold at affordable prices in Hong Kong and expensive in Mainland China; people try to smuggle the devices to sell them for profit. But, in her case, Shenzhen Luohu customs officers were quick to bust her.

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Woman arrested for smuggling 102 iPhones, 15 Watches to China

The incident took place on June 30th but only reported by Chinese media this week. According to reports, a middle-aged woman caused the attention of customs officers since she was wearing a little too much.

“The weather was hot, but she was dressed a bit more, and she was wearing a cardigan outside her short-sleeved blouse and looked sick. Also, her arms and legs are relatively slim, but the upper body a bit bloated, the proportion of the body is not coordinated,” reports Xmnn China.

Woman arrested for smuggling 102 iPhones, 15 Watches to China

She was then asked to pass through the metal detector gate after which she was caught with iPhones and wrist watches.

The surprised Customs officers told the media that “This should be the most we have found tied up all at once – The total weight of these items is about 40 pounds, like a living “Iron Man”.

Woman arrested for smuggling 102 iPhones, 15 Watches to China

In 2010, a group of 14 Chinese wives was caught smuggling 85 iPads from Hong Kong to Mainland China. However, one has to give the lady credit for trying to smuggle 102 iPhones alone like a true “Iron Woman.”

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