World Health Organization (WHO) Indonesia Site Hacked by SaMuRa!

The official website of World Health Organization for Indonesia has been hacked and defaced by SaMura! hacker from Turkey. Hacker left his deface page along with a deface message against the killing of Seals in the white sea of Canada. This hack is first of its kind as the hacker has defaced the site for ”Environmental Issue”.

According to hacker’s message:
Hacked By SaMuRa!
Arrêter de faire la massacre aux animaux.Laisser les phoques dans la mer blanche(Canada).Respect de l’environnement.
I’m Turkish Defacer
[email protected]

                                                        Translation in English for better understanding:

Hacked By SaMuRa!
Stop doing the massacre animaux.Laisser seals in the White Sea (Canada). Environmentally friendly.
I’m defacing Turkish
[email protected]

Targeted Website: 

Mirror of Hacked Website: 


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