WWE’s Paige X-Rated Photos Leaked – ‘Total Divas’ Star Comments on Scandal

At the moment, rumors are going around about the possible hacking of WWE female superstar Paige. This is after x-rated photos, and videos of her found their way online. Paige is also a member of the cast of E! Entertainment’s show Total Divas in which she stars alongside other WWE celebs. As one of the top names in the professional wrestling show, the news of the leaked photos drew lots of attention to her more so given the fact that she had taken a break from the limelight owing to medical reasons.

The hack seems to have been carried on various celebrities with their pictures being laid bare on various online platforms. On her part, Paige and her mother went online to comment on the extent of the hack.

The incident was first reported by Pro Wrestling Sheet on Friday. The site reported that the said x-rated pictures and videos were posted on Reddit and 4chan. The two platforms, however, took down the pictures after flagging them as inappropriate for having sexualized images or being non-consensual nude. The former WWE Divas Champion went on Twitter afterward to give her views on what she thought on the hacking of her pictures.

On her Twitter handle, @RealPageWWE, she said: “Personal and private photos of mine were stolen handles and unfortunately they were shared publicly without my consent.”


Confirming the issue was the mother to Paige who stated that indeed pictures of her daughter were leaked online. She, however, did not condemn her daughter. In a Tweet, she said that “People get hacked, unfortunately, my daughter had pics and video shared from years ago, my husband and I support her 100% no fault of her own.”

Since June last year, Paige (real name is Saraya-Jade Bevis) has been missing in action from the WWE owing to her health issues. Although she has been severally scheduled to appear, she has not done so owing to her condition. In the past, she has been penalized severally owing to her health issues which have led her to violate the Wellness Policy of the WWE. Her neck surgery has led her to the complications she is facing at the moment.

On the E! show where she stars alongside other divas, she has shown the world her relationship with the other WWE superstar in the name of Alberto Del Rio. Del Rio has gone from the WWE to find other endeavors such as an appearance on a rival wrestling platform (TNA). This has led many to the speculation that Paige may be moving with him away from the WWE.



Others hacked alongside page were Emma Watson and Amanda Seyfried both of whom had their content thrown online. It is damaging to her image and that of the WWE. The latter has focused on releasing content that is geared towards the whole family. Paige even had a name on new upcoming shows heard towards children but this hack may pose a problem to her.

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