Xbox 2 update – Microsoft pulls off great news for Xbox fans

Xbox enthusiasts can brace themselves to expect something big in 2019. Recently, Microsoft announced it plans to unveil the successor of Xbox One during the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) scheduled to take place in the coming months.

Microsoft revealed the Xbox Scarlett project at the last E3. Since then, the ardent fans of the gaming console were eagerly waiting for the follow-up. The company was tight-lipped about the progress of this project; at last, the much-awaited announcement has been made.

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The introduction of Xbox Two has the potential to shake up the entire gaming world, particularly for the PlayStation and Sony fans. Despite being considered fierce competitors to Microsoft, they do not have anything to offer that can create a ripple amongst the gaming enthusiasts.

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As per the latest reports, Xbox Two has all the ingredients to become the “most advanced” gaming consoles in comparison to the others. One of the leading gaming journalists, Ainsley Bowden posted this information on his Twitter handle.

As expected, it did not take long for the word to spread and several reports following this incident has confirmed Xbox Two is all set to debut soon.

What we can expect in the upcoming Xbox Two console

Before Microsoft made this big announcement, gamers already were going nuts looking at the features of the latest PlayStation. Previously, Xbox One earned a bad reputation as it was unable to select the best and exclusive games for playing.

Microsoft left no stones unturned to overcome this glitch and has acquired several studios for enhancing the experience of the user.

Xbox Two includes notable features like Cloud game streaming. And after passing the rigorous test by the developer time, it is clear; there is no stopping the new Xbox avatar. In the coming days, the efficacy of Xbox Two over the other gaming console will become further evident.

Microsoft has not made any further revelations on the specifications of the Xbox Two. Therefore, there a few gaming fans who think it might be too soon to expect a massive overhaul from the modern Xbox One console which has been the favorite of the gaming fraternity since the year 2014.

The protagonists of Xbox also remind of the upgrade in the form of 4K-ready Xbox One X. The advice of anticipating the upcoming Xbox version with a pinch of salt has fallen in deaf ears. The fans are all ears and can’t wait for the big day to arrive soon.

The enthusiasm is apparent, leaks about the possible specifications of Xbox Two are pouring in from every nook and corner of the World Wide Web.

The Insider’s Speculations

Thurrott, the site which we can count upon as a Microsoft insider has made it public. The successor of Xbox One is in full swing and has received codenames.

It comes under the project “Scarlett” Thurrot further added, Microsoft is referring to this as the “Anaconda” model as “Scarlett Pro” and “Lockhart” as “Scarlett Arcade.” There are some other names like “Danta,” “Roma,” “Anthem” etc. are there too. It seems, there are too many names to deal with, and it can create some confusion.

Precisely, the “Anaconda” console is likely to become the successor of the Xbox One X, and the “Lockhart” will take over as the next generation Xbox One S. All the other codenames will most likely be used for the “xCloud department.”

Continuing with the statement released by Thurrott, around November 2020 the Xbox Two consoles will make their appearance. Again, this is not the official date of release, but an expected date, considering the previous versions of Microsoft. Thurrott also advised the fans not to be too optimistic about the date as the launch can be delayed.

So, all eyes on the E3 event which is slated to happen with a month, as already mentioned, the absence of Sony, and no competition from PlayStation either, Microsoft is all set to dominate the gaming console market. The hype and hula surrounding the releases is a clear indication of this.

For the time being the speculations on the latest Xbox Two consoles are high, but Microsoft remains tight-lipped, and there is no information on how they will look and the kind of games they will support. Anticipation is high; gaming aficionados expect to play 4K HDR games in it.

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They also expect it to include backward compatibility for playing the previous games. According to business insiders, it is worthwhile to start saving from now for buying the next-gen Xbox One.

The Xbox One X saw daylight at a staggering price of 450 Euros. In the upcoming release, the inclusion of the 4K-ready console can pinch a bigger hole in your pocket.

We are also keeping a close watch on the developments from Microsoft. Here’s hoping, they will soon come up with an update on Xbox Two.

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