You can now Trump Donald Trump on this website

Why Donald Trump when you can Trump Donald?

The republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is often in the news for all the wrong reasons. From his small hands to the size of his penis or sometimes it’s his racial remarks against Mexicans and Muslims; it seems always for the wrong reasons.

However, now he is in the news for some light hearted fun and credit go to a Stockholm-based creative agency called Animals who created the website with a tagline “Why Donald Trump when you can Trump Donald?”

Once on the website, you can use your computer cursor and control the trumpet, unleashing an off-key note aimed at the outspoken real estate mogul, with a blast of air so strong, it rearranges the brash billionaire’s signature flaxen combover. Occasionally, exploding confetti accompanies the trumpet blast.

While talking with Yahoo, Jacob Sempler of the agency said: 

“The domain was available, and we just couldn’t resist,” “That’s it, really.”

This is not the first time when Trump has been embarrassed on a website. Currently, redirects itself to the official WikiPedia page for Donald Trump.

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