Your data has been compromised now what?

Virgin media & T-Mobile data breach exposes personal, browsing data


For some data breach only becomes reality when they are negatively impacted. The thought of whether your data is exposed and how much of it is out there poses a threat and gives the sense of how to stop cybercrimes.

We always hear of data hacking or breach from big organizations and headlines, but it never hits as hard as when you’re personally affected. A breach happens through personal and common records and details such as email addresses and passwords. Hackers use simple techniques to access crucial data. The question is, what can be done after the breaching. The obvious answer is to enhance more security to avoid repeating.

Breach impact

Data or network breach happens to both individual and organizations; hackers go for the crucial and sensitive information. For organizations such as medical facilities, hackers target the finances or the patient information, exposing the medical reports they either demand for ransom or stain the facilities’ reputation.

It’s hard to fully recover from a breaching as many of your details are out there. Securing by changing passwords and usernames might seem like a key solution but still poses a threat. Individuals might not think of the VPN; however, these servers play a significant role for individuals and organizations.

VPN awareness of compromised data

Virtual private networks are the key to fighting cyberattacks on your data. We tend to think of VPN as expensive products for big companies. Nonetheless, the VPN industry has different offers providing the best budget VPN for both business and personal use.

VPN help hide your IP address and connect the user’s network to a private server, which cannot be detected by other devices. One can access a restricted website and travel around the world in the comfort of their home.

It’s the best way to fool hackers and keep your information safe. There are various VPN providers with some giving free trials for their services. These being the best way to find out what to settle for. Individuals seeking for best VPN can go for the ExpressVPN free trial service.

A chance to analyze its features for the 30-day free trial.  The VPN service will keep safe all your data giving an IP address of the VPN instead of the actual device. Some VPNs are designed to fit all devices, from mobile phones to computers. Amazingly networks using VPN benefit from high security, functionality, and safe connection to other security devices.  

Steps to take after your data has been compromised online

To curb the rising cases of data breaching and break the norm, there are several simple ways to take to help you avoid a repeat. One can protect their email id, passwords, personal finances, and credit cards.


  • Change of passwords

Changing passwords regularly is highly recommended by different websites and financial institutions. It’s a great way to keep your details secure. However, after data breaching, it’s advisable to create a strong, secure unique password. Create a password that cannot be predicted to avoid using your official dates, such as birthdays or age.

Hackers’ first line of attempt is always the simple numbers aligning with your social events. Use a password manager to help create a strong password; a better choice includes letters, numbers, and special characters. You can also invest in a cheap VPN with the best features as they are a variety of services in the market to help hide the IP address and passwords for your connections.

  • Sign-up for two-factor verification

Additional security is the best after changing the password, having a 2FA/two-step verification adds a top layer of security to your details. The process is attached to your mobile devices as it requires you to validate information using a code sent to your number.

In case an illegal login is about to happen, the system will send an authentication code to your phone. You could take action if you didn’t try to login by reporting or declining access to the account.  

  • Always check updates from the company or site.

Organizations that have suffered a data breach will involve the people affected, giving them way forward in securing their data. If you’re involved in any organization breach, ensure to check ongoing updates.

In most cases, the organization will send you details of what happened, the leaked information, and what they are planning to do. They educate the user on the security measures to take to avoid the data breaching again. 

  • Regular account checks and also follow on your credit reports.

After one data breach, one tends to be vigilant. It’s advisable to keep checking on your account data and note any unusual activities. Accounts that suffer the breach are vulnerable as hackers can attempt to access them again if no changes occur. Ensure to read the credit card statements to see if there are any changes. These help keep all accounts from Gmail to bank credit account secure and free from breaching.


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