YouTube terminated its own channel “Citizentube” for severe violations

In April 2007, YouTube launched its official channel on the site called Citizentube. The details of it were elaborated on YouTube’s Google Blog according to which, the channel was designed to work as YouTube’s official political video blog whose “mission is to add fuel to the revolution that is YouTube politics.”

But yesterday, it looked as if the “revolution was canceled for a while” since the channel was terminated by YouTube. Thanks to a Reddit user /giltwist who was the one to discover the fate of Citizentube. Those who visited the channel could see an alert revealing why the channel might have been terminated.

“This account has been terminated due to multiple or severe violations of YouTube’s policy against spam, deceptive practices, and misleading content or other Terms of Service violations,” the alert read.

We took a screenshot when the channel was terminated

It is unclear when exactly the channel was removed or why but at the time of publishing this article the channel was back online. It must have happened a few hours ago since early Saturday morning the channel was still showing termination message.

With over 128,000 subscribers, the last video on the channel was uploaded five years ago. Therefore, it is quite possible the channel was terminated by YouTube a while ago. Remember, the channel hosted events as big as The 2010 Youtube Interview with President Obama.

“Yes, this is pretty funny. It reminds me of times when Antivirus would accidentally detect itself as the threat because of a poorly tested (untested?) database update from the AV vendor themselves,” commented Redditor “/Skidmark-steve.”

Going by the example of what happened with Citizentube, one must agree with this Redditor “/Donthugmeimlurking” who said, “Well at least we know they weren’t being biased in favor of their own services.”

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