YouTuber hacks fingerprint scanner of OnePlus 7 Pro using hot glue

The Youtuber also claimed that the OnePlus 7 Pro’s fingerprint sensor is the quickest in-display sensor they have ever seen.

The new OnePlus 7 Pro from OnePlus is definitely a refreshing change in the smartphones market because of its popup camera and triple cam setup, full-screen display, UFS 3.0, 30W Warp Charging and excellent functionality.

However, this phone cannot be termed as the complete package deal because device security is an area where it lacks reliability. Its device security feature is so weak that its fingerprint reader has already been compromised by a YouTuber using the ID Max Tech.

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Reportedly, Max Tech used an old-school print molding hacking method to exploit the fingerprint reader of OnePlus 7 Pro. It is worth noting that hackers have always managed to hack fingerprint readers of even the most hyped and high-profile smartphones including Samsung S10

The hacker posted a video on YouTube demonstrating the way to hack the fingerprint reader of OnePlus 7 Pro and bypass the lock screen. To pull off the technique you will, however, need physical access to the phone and obviously fingerprints.

Furthermore, to hack the phone, the YouTuber spread hot-glue on tinfoil and placed his fingers on it to get an impression of the fingerprints on the glue. Afterward, the tin foil was filled with white school glue, which was peeled after some time to obtain fake fingerprint impression and trick the fingerprint scanner of OnePlus 7 Pro.

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According to Forbes, This is somewhat the same technique that was used by the Chaos Computer Club back in 2013 to hack the iPhone 5S’s Touch ID system. However, Max Tech’s method is more straightforward and less complex in comparison.

OnePlus has installed the same optical fingerprint scanner that it used in OnePlus 6T, which isn’t a bad strategy at all as it is quite accurate and efficient. In fact, OnePlus 7 Pro offers the fastest fingerprint scanning feature to unlock the device.

Nevertheless, it cannot be called a foolproof scanner. The hacker also used the same fingerprint impression to successfully fool the fingerprint reader of OnePlus 6T but Samsung S10 could not be fooled.

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