Zone-H banned by Indian ISPs

According to Zone-H administrators, the website has been banned by some Indian ISPs in the country following the court order. Hack archive  service provider website was banned after the law­suit from E2labs, E2-​labs scan­dals  and Zaki Qureshey in an indian court, who claimed their doc­u­ments and arti­cles were defamatory.


While Zone-​H was not given any notice or chance, hence there was no question for Zone-H to defend itself . Indian court has also order to ban blog​gernews​.net for covering the Zone-H case and proving updates.

Articles which were posted by have been taken off as well. Articles were available on following links.









However the only article circumcising the court’s order is available on the  the Wall Street Jour­nal, the article also discuss how Indian court is going against free speech.


Zone-H can still be accessed via VPN or international proxies in those areas where it has been been banned.




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