Op_Israel: Anonymous Threatens Israel with ‘Electronic Holocaust’


In a latest video footage from Anonymous, the notorious hacker group, a masked individual appears in a suit and delivers a well-structured statement announcing a possible attack on Israel’s online servers on April 7. The operation will be carried out under the famous banner of OpIsrael. The video features pictures of distraught Palestinian children and the areas in Palestine that were bombed during the Operation Protective Edge. Also included are images of Benjamin […]

Hotel Wi-Fi Can Threaten Your Laptop with Malware


Following Kaspersky Labs’ identification of a unit issuing attacks on distinct high-end hotel guests in Asia and the US, ANTLabs, a technology company based in Singapore, has recently uncovered that a number of their InnGate routers apparently possess a firmware authentication flaw. This means that their highly-regarded and widely-accepted InnGate routers now pose an imminent opportunity for a hacker to inject malware in a user’s computer device. So while one is relaxing in […]

FBI Wants Tech Companies to Disable Default Smartphone Encryption


Encryption should be Outlawed – FBI Retracts Support to Further Weaken Our Security. In the past when Apple started encrypting its iPhone by default, the step was lauded by the FBI as it ensured enhanced security. However, FBI has revoked its support and now maintains that encryption of this type needs to be outlawed of course, for the safety of Americans. Before the House Appropriations Committee, Jim Comey, FBI’s director, pleaded for […]

Syrian Electronic Army Hacks Bluehost, Hostgator For Hosting Terrorist Websites


Syrian Electronic Army claims to hack popular hosting companies running under the Endurance group – The list of hacked hosting companies include BlueHost, FastDomain, Hostgator, HostMonster and JustHost. The pro-Bashar Al Assad hackers from Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) are back in action after taking some time off. This time the group claims it hacked Endurance International Group Inc controlled famous hosting companies like BlueHost, FastDomain, Hostgator, HostMonster and JustHost. The hack was announced by […]

U.S. Army Picatinny Arsenal Website Hacked by Saudi Hackers


Saudi hackers from Team Bad Dream have hacked and defaced the official website of  U.S. Army Picatinny Arsenal earlier today.  Hackers who go with the handles of TrYaG Al Arab, 1337kSa and Faisal Al Hamzi left a message for the U.S. Army along with a deface page showing picture of new Saudi Arabian king Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud. Hackers also left their Twitter handles in case if someone wants to contact them. The deface page […]

Hackers shutdown police website for third time in one week


The DDoS attack on Finish Police website forced the servers to remain offline for hours. The official website of Finnish Police (poliisi.fi) was forced to go offline for several hours on Thursday after a massive DDoS attack. This was the third attack on police website in last few days. The first attack was carried out on Tuesday in which the website remained offline from early morning to 7 pm. On Wednesday, another DDoS […]

Lost ‘Sensitive’ Explosives Gear of U.S. Defense Dept. is Available on eBay for Sale


Recently, some high-profile military gear of the Defense Department of U.S went missing — A leaked US Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) document obtained by Intercept shows the gear is available online for selling on eBay. It also explains the incapability of the Defense Department to protect the explosives-sensing equipment. The equipment was given to the agency by the Defense Department’s Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization (JIEDDO). Although some of the equipment has been […]

American Express Users Hit with ‘Unusual Activity’ Phishing Scam


A fake email from American Express warns users of an ‘Unusual Activity’ on their account – The email asks users to click the link in email body, put their information so their account can be secured from hackers.. but actually the email is fake and website in the email body is a phishing link. A suspicious activity is being reported nowadays by the users of American Express service. The users are receiving an email […]