U.S Military to hire civilian cybersecurity specialists

Image Source: Mashable

If you are a cybersecurity specialist then U.S Military is ready to hire you. Lt. Gen Cordon announced that U.S Military is planning to create Cyber Branch 17, a new cybersecurity wing. The department is thinking of launching a new career option for civilians who can help the military to secure its servers against the increasing cyber attacks. Cardon believes it is really important to create a cyber-career management field for civilians as […]

Pro-Israeli Jewish Press Website Hacked by ‘Gaza Team’ Hackers


Gaza Team, a Palestinian-friendly group of hackers, hacked The Jewish Press — The site displayed a black backdrop with a man holding ISIS-type flag. The team vows to hack many more Pro-Israel websites in future. On 14th April 2015, a pro-Israel Jewish Press newspaper was hacked by a group that calls itself ‘Gaza hacker Team.’ The visitors to this website were welcomed by a black screen displaying the image of a man […]

Pics of IDF women soldiers helped hackers to breach Israeli Military Servers


Arab hackers are using pictures of IDF’s women division to hack Israeli military servers — And it’s a success. Several computer networks belonging to the Israeli military have reportedly been penetrated by Arabic-speaking hackers under a four-month spying campaign. The modus operandi of these hackers involves using a careful combination of spyware along with deceiving emails attached with tempting images of IDF women soldiers. The Middle Eastern region is proving to be the focal point […]

How to use Google Search to locate your lost Android Smartphone or Tablet


All you need to do is search for your Android device, a mobile phone or tablet on Google. The search engine will instantly track the device’s location and upload its map. Smartphones or any such electronic device can be misplaced or lost anytime and anywhere. We all have faced this issue at one point or another at home, office or in the car. Usually we search for our lost mobile phone everywhere in […]

Ask.com Toolbar Can Hijack Your Computer Through Java Updates


The Ask.com toolbar is not a handy tool — it’s a Curse because it never goes away. Apparently, Ask.com toolbar hijacks your computer entirely. It usually skulks into computer systems on the coattails of some necessary software, normally Java updates. — Then it becomes virtually impossible to uninstall the toolbar however; we have a solution for you. Researchers at Symantec identified that around 317million computer viruses and/or salient malicious programs were launched […]

Hacker who revealed aircraft can be hacked offloaded by FBI


Chris Roberts (World Labs’ IT security expert) who recently identified risks in airplane in-flight entertainment systems became the target of FBI investigation himself. On Wednesday he was pulled off by two uniformed officials and two FBI officers from a United Airlines Boeing 737-800 commercial flight. All of his electronics were also confiscated by the officials. Chris Roberts is amongst world’s leading security experts in counter-threat intelligence domain of the cybersecurity industry. He is also the […]

US Citizens Targeted with Ransomware via Fake IRS Tax Return Emails


Tax Return-themed Emails make Users in America the Target of Ransomware – Attackers sending genuine-looking Internal Revenue Service (IRS) tax refund messages. Today, when the culture of filing tax reports in the United States has come to an end, cybercriminals have instigated their phishing lure and are busy distributing fake emails that appear to be from the IRS about pending refunds. Cybercriminals are relying upon highly advanced social engineering skills for producing a believable […]

University of Toronto Website Hacked by pro-ISIS Hackers


Team System DZ is known for hacking high-profile websites – Their latest target was the University of Toronto and they successfully achieved their goals by leaving pro-ISIS messages on the university’s website. A group of Pro-ISIS hackers from Algeria (going with the handle of “Team System DZ”) hacked and defaced the official mobile website (mobile.utoronto.ca) of the University of Toronto on 14th April 2015.  Must Read: Did ISIS Hacked BBC the same time when […]