Police use Facebook to find person who dropped bag of cocaine


Usually police is known for catching criminals but the Crewe police department (CPD) from State of Virginia is making news for some other and somehow funny reasons.  On February 17 at 10:34pm, the social media page of CPD posted an update asking if someone mistakenly dropped their cocaine at a Super Dollar store, if yes then contact us (the police) for further discussion about their property.  At first it looked as if the CPD’s Facebook […]

WhatsApp banned by Brazilian Judge—Wants the app to contribute in Police Investigations

WhatsApp banned by Brazilian Judge—Wants the app to contribute in Police Investigations

WhatsApp banned by Brazilian Judge—Wants the app to contribute in Police Investigations. Luiz de Moura Correia, the Judge from the state of Piauí, has put a ban on the popular mobile messaging app WhatsApp in Brazil. He took this decision to force the owners of this app to cooperate with the State Police in their criminal investigations. Allegedly, the mobile app is not contributing in investigations since 2013 and it may be […]

Anonymous hacker indicted for revenge hacking of Australian intelligence websites


An Australian Anonymus hacker indicted for Australian intelligence websites’ revenge hacking – The accused has connections to the infamous Anonymous Online Collective The News: Anonymous Indonesian said to be involved in attacking numerous private Australian businesses and intelligence’ websites in 2014. In a recent advancement into this matter it has been learnt that an alleged Melbourne-based member of Anonymous has been charged for committing revenge hacking of Australian intelligence agency websites. The accused, namely Mathew […]

FBI Offers $3 Million Reward for the Arrest of Russian Hacker


Whopping $3 Million Bounty offered by FBI for Evgeniy Bogachev. The FBI and the U.S. State Department announced the highest ever bounty of $3 million on Tuesday for info leading to the capture or conviction of alleged Russian Hacker Evgeniy Bogachev. This amount is the highest offered by U.S authorities in any cybercase. A “most wanted” poster has also been issues by the FBI. Bogachev has been charged in the US with […]

NSA Document Expose Increasing Cyberwarfare Between Iran and the U.S


Shocking acceleration in the use of Cyberweapons between Iran and the U.S against each other has been revealed in a newly released National Security Agency document. This document was prepared for the then director of the NSA Gen. Keith B. Alexander in April 2013. As per the illustration in this document, Iran and the US have propelled their cybersecurity units for spying on each other as well as for sabotaging their cyber […]

Protect your Mac password from being bypassed


Your MAC can be purloined and your user account and password can be bypassed by nefarious individuals for accessing personal data, wiping your system clean and becoming its owner. So how can you prevent it? Don’t get paranoid; two remedies are available for preventing intruders from taking over your MAC. 1. Use a software-based encryption tool called FileVault 2. Use the hardware-based encryption tool, which is firmware password you need to set […]

Lenovo Website Hacked amid SuperFish Malware scandal


The official website of world’s largest PC maker was hacked earlier Wednesday allegedly by Lizard Squad. Hackers left a deface page containing slideshow images of a teen along with “Breaking Free” from High School musical as page’s background. This is probably the worst time for Lenovo to have their site hacked amid SuperFish Malware scandal where company was found shipping laptops prepackaged with malware that makes users more vulnerable to hackers, all for the sake of […]

ISIS supporters hack Chile’s Ministry of Defense website


Isis supporter compromised Chile’s Ministry of Defense website on Monday night and left a message “Hacked” on its homepage, www.ssdefensa.cl, along with the username “Saddam Hussein.” The hacker’s message said, “Sorry Admin Because Your Site Security is Low WE aRe ISIS,” in English, whereas in Spanish the message read, “Somos ISIS, no me olviden” (We are ISIS, don’t forget me) and “alá es el único DIOS” (allah is the only GOD). The […]