Google wants to be your wireless carrier with encrypted connection

Your Dead Relatives May Virtually Come Back Through Project Elysium

Report reveals 1 in every 5 Android Apps is Malware

Security Flaw in Samsung Galaxy S5 Allows Hackers to Steal Your Fingerprint

Cyberwar: Armenian, Turkish hackers targeting each other’s govt websites

Anonymous Shuts Down Worlds Largest X-Rated Animal Abuse Forum

Google Maps Shows Android Is Peeing on an Apple in Pakistan

Crooks Target Bank Customers with ‘Changes to Interest Rate’ Phishing Scam

Any iPhone, iPad Within Wi-Fi Range can be Crashed due to Security Flaw

Voices from hacked Baby monitor tells child to “stay in bed”

Dept of Homeland Security to Open Cyber Security Office in Silicon Valley

Facebook users hit with “Hot Video” scam, delivering Trojan

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