Category: Cyber Crime

  • Gmail Phishing Scam Stealing Credentials Through Infected Attachment

    Malicious threat actors are using exclusively designed URLs to deceive users into providing their Gmail credentials. This latest phishing campaign, discovered by security experts, utilizes a very effective phishing attack that can trick even the most alerted users and tech-savvy people. The campaign involves sending infected messages to the contacts from an already infected computer. […]

  • Netflix Users Targeted with yet another sophisticated Phishing Scam

    If you have a Netflix account you might be at risk of falling prey to a new phishing scam that targets Netflix users through emails. These emails contain a fake login screen of Netflix and ask for the login information. If the user enters the login information, the scammers ask for the credit card details. This particular […]

  • Facebook users hit with “You are in this video?” malware scam

    Until now you must have heard about so many scams involving Facebook Messenger that whenever you see a suspicious chat message sent from other friends on your Facebook profile, you instantly feel alerted. However, there are still innocent Facebook users who fall prey to such scams every other day. The latest scam also uses the […]

  • Researchers Warn Against “free internet without Wi-Fi” WhatsApp Scam

    WhatsApp has lately become the prime target of malicious threat actors and scammer probably due to the widespread global following that the platform enjoys. Eset Security researchers are unearthing one scam after another that is making use of WhatsApp. On the other hand, scammers are coming up with innovative new strategies to lure victims towards […]

  • Hacker siblings arrested for targeting Italian elite – infecting 20k emails

    Two London-based hackers namely 45-year old Giulio Occhionero and 48-year old Francesca Maria Occhionero have been arrested by Italian police for attempting to hack the communications of Italian elite including former Prime Minister Matteo Renzi and economist Mario Monti. The hackers, who happen to be siblings, not only tried to hack communications of Italian PM […]

  • LA College Hit By Ransomware: Pays $28,000 to Unlock Files

    Cybercriminals are now using new techniques to infect users with ransomware in order to make easy money. That is exactly what happened with Los Angeles Valley College (LAVC) who recently had their computer systems infected. In return, the college was forced to pay the whopping sum of $28,000 (£22,500, €25,936) in Bitcoin. It all started on 30th December 2016 when the […]

  • Someone stole $3.6M from a Miami bank; officials oblivious for 6 months

    The Miami Beach City Hall’s Sun Trust Bank is in the news for all the wrong reasons. According to reports, malicious cyber-criminals were stealing cash from the bank since the summer of 2016 and the theft remained unnoticed until now. Too late now since the bank has already lost $3.6million. It is being speculated that […]

  • Hackers Leak 1.5 Million ESEA Player Records after Demanding $50k as Ransom

    E-Sports Entertainment Association, popularly known as ESEA is a well-known video gaming community. In fact, it is one of the largest of all video gaming communities across the globe. It is, therefore, not surprising that malicious cyber-criminals would look for a way to attack this particular platform. According to reports, ESEA website was hacked on […]

  • Twitter suspends ‘Pharma bro’ Martin Shkreli’ account for harassment

    Twitter account of the former CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals Martin Shkreli aka pharma bro has been suspended by Twitter after a series of tweets harassing Lauren Duca, an American freelance writer & reporter. It all started when Shkreli started tagging Duca in his tweets and even changed his bio to “I have a small crush […]

  • Drug Trade on Dark Web Lands Two Men into Jail

    We know that the Dark Web has become a breeding ground for malicious activities and crimes. Drug trading is an evil trade by all means and when it is conducted via the Dark Web, chances of preventing detection by law enforcement are quite bright. However, the case of 34-year old Richard Charles Patrick Sinclair and […]

  • Tech Support Scammers Targeting Mac Users with DoS attacks

    The IT security firm has revealed that scammers are targeting Apple‘s Mac users with a new kind of malware that hijacks its Mail App and Safari browser to conduct denial of service (DOS) attacks. The attackers direct these apps to continually draft emails till the machine runs out of RAM and crashes eventually. The report also […]

  • French Businessman Spared Jail Time for Involvement in Child Porn Scheme

    53-year old businessman Christophe Bejach who previously served as an official adviser to the French economy and industry minister has managed to evade jail time despite his involvement in child porn was proven through a secret investigation. To gather evidence about Bejach’s penchant for child porn, the Metropolitan Police’s cyber crime division set up a trap […]

  • Someone DDoSed ExtraTorrent Domain while ThePirateBay suffered downtime

    After the shutdown of Kickass Torrents domain, its fans moved onto ThePirateBay (TPB) and ExtraTorrent but someone conducted a series of massive DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks on the ExtraTorrent domain on Christmas which continued until the next day whilst ThePirateBay also went offline for unknown reasons. Although it is unclear what happened to […]

  • Three Chinese Hackers Made Millions by Hacking American Law Firms

    The threats for law firms which offer legal advice on mergers have evolved from worrying about deal tips getting leaked to the hacking of deal tips. Nowadays, companies and organizations are much more worried about hacking attacks than employees giving away deal tips. This assumption was proven to be true when several US-based law firms […]

  • Sultry Sextortion Sisters Meet Their Match In Nigerian Oil Billionaire

    Nigerian news website Politics Nigeria has reported that two Indian sisters hailing from Toronto, Canada have been detained in Lagos, Nigeria, for their alleged involvement in cyber-bullying and extortion of a Nigerian billionaire along with 274 others. The sisters Jyoti and Kiran Matharoo have quite a heavy following on Instagram; when combined the cumulative total […]

  • Thai Police Arrest 9 Suspects Behind Cyber Attacks on Gov’t Sites

    Last week HackRead reported on the Thailand government passing a cyber-scrutiny law that was being criticized by hacktivists ever since it was being drafted back in 2015. To protest aginst the law Anonymous and its Thai counterparts have been conducting a series of cyber attacks including DDoS attacks and data leaks on prominent government and defense […]

  • Man Jailed for uploading UK’s Top 40 singles on The Pirate Bay and KickAssTorrents

    Piracy is an issue that cannot be overlooked or ignored at any cost regardless which government is dealing with it. Governments often carry out joint investigations to identify and capture those who are involved in audio or video piracy. One such joint investigation was conducted by the Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU) with PRS […]

  • Student makes documentary after spying on thief who stole his smartphone

    It is a fact that we cannot even move from one room to another without our smartphone. Nowadays, smartphones have become a symbol of status and luxury due to their overwhelmingly high prices and remarkable specs. So how would you feel if your pricey smartphone, which you really cannot afford to lose, gets stolen just […]

  • Phishing attack on LA County computers; personal data of 756k people stolen

    The Los Angeles County employees have become the victim of a phishing attack and as a result, the data of around 756,000 individuals has become vulnerable to exploitation. The county has confirmed that a breach was carried out after a Nigerian hacker targeted around 108 employees with phishing attacks. It must be noted that in […]