Category: Cyber Crime

  • Hackers hold unreleased Pirates of the Caribbean movie to ransom

    The CEO of Disney Bob Iger has reportedly warned that hackers are holding the unreleased copy of “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie which is due to be released this summer by Disney franchise but the hackers are demanding a massive amount of ransom payment in Bitcoin and threatening to release the movie before time if […]

  • Uiwix, yet another ransomware like WannaCry – only more dangerous

    In the last few days, the internet has been caught off guard with numerous updates being posted regarding the sprawling effects of the WannaCry ransomware that exploited the vulnerabilities in Microsoft’s Windows operating system to hack more than 75,000 computers and counting last Friday. Nevertheless, it seems like the worst is yet to come. In […]

  • Researcher Finds Kill Switch for new variant of WannaCry Ransomware

    Internet users worldwide are now familiar with the WannaCry or WanaCrypt0r ransomware attack and how cybercriminals used it to infect cyber infrastructure of banking giants, hospitals, tech firms and sensitive installation in more than 90 countries. The users may also know that a British security researcher MalwareTechBlog accidentally discovered the kill switch of WanaCry by […]

  • Florida Man May Serve 1,140 Years in Prison Over Child-porn Content

    Just yesterday it was reported that Steven W. Chase, a 58-year-old man from Naples, Florida and the owner of PlayPen, a Dark Web website hosting child porn was sent to prison for 30 years. Now, it emerged that Michael Angelo Savinelli, 49, a restaurant owner from the Florida Keys was arrested back on November 17, 2016, after law enforcement authorities […]

  • Google Docs Phishing Scam Cost Minnesota State Thousands of Dollars

    Last Wednesday the Internet was full of news reports regarding a new sophisticated phishing scam using Google Docs to trick users into giving away their login credentials by opening a fake Google document. The scam highlighted the importance of how people should be careful while clicking on an unknown link. The good news is that Google was […]

  • Man Who Ran Dark Web Child Porn Site Sent to 30 Years in Prison

    Playpen, an illegally operated website that distributed child pornography in different parts of the world, had its founder sentenced to 30 years of imprisonment after the FBI identified who he was. Almost 900 members of a global ‘dark web’ pedophile ring in the United States and Europe have been arrested after a two-year investigation. What exactly […]

  • New iCloud Phishing Scam steals credit card data, access device’ camera

    When it comes to phishing scams, the general concept is that cyber criminals will only send a link to trick users into logging in with their social media or email credentials. But since that is an old school trick, the malicious threat actors are aiming at much more than your Facebook or Gmail password. Recently, […]

  • Facebook Last Warning Phishing Scam Stealing Login, Credit Card Data

    Facebook is undoubtedly one of the most used social media networks with 1.86 billion monthly active users. That’s why its users are also under constant threat by hackers and cyber criminals. Recently, we discovered a phishing scam targeting Facebook users by tricking them into giving away their login credentials and personal information. In this scam, the cyber […]

  • How a Woman’ Fitbit Fitness Tracker Helped Solve Her Murder Case

    A man killed his wife and tried to have someone else convicted of his crime. However, the whole case was solved through Fitbit timeline. According to reports, the murder took place on 23rd December 2015 at around 10 a.m. The victim, Connie Dabate, was a married woman and mother of two children and as evidence revealed […]

  • Car Hackers Remotely Steal Keyless BMW within Seconds

    As recently as April 4, a security camera recorded two people simply walking around a car and one of them was holding some type of bag close to the front door of a house. Next thing you know; they managed to steal a BMW. This has happened only days after a Mercedes was taken in […]

  • South Korean Bitcoin Exchange Yapizon Hacked; $5 Million Stolen

    Yapizon, a South Korean Bitcoin exchange suffered a massive data breach earlier this week when hackers stole 3816.2028 Bitcoin (US$5 million) which is 37% of user funds. According to the official statement from the exchange in the Korean language, the attack took place on Saturday, April 22, 2017, when a hacker compromised four of the […]

  • Facebook and Google linked to the $100 million phishing scheme

    If you think that the internet is a safe place, you need to think again! Not even Billion dollar companies like Google and Facebook are safe from the cyber-criminals! Remember when we reported about a multi-million phishing scam conducted by a man from Lithuania, Mr. Evaldas Rimasauskas? It turns out that the targeted companies in that […]

  • Russian Tor Relay Operator Facing Terrorism Charges

    The Russian police have arrested Tor node operator Dmitry Bogatov. They charged him with terrorism offense and the reason for this, as they claim, is the connection between his IP address and a series of posts allegedly inciting dissent and disorder. Bogatov, a mathematics lecturer at Moscow’s Finance and Law University was arrested on April […]

  • Interpol’ Operation Founds Malware Infection in More Than 9,000 Servers

    International Criminal Police Organisation, also known as Interpol, has stated on Monday that one of their operations uncovered more than 9,000 C2 (command-and-control) servers and government portals that were compromised and infected by malware. Malware is a malicious software that can include computer viruses, spying programs, and similar software, that are used to infect and […]

  • Teen Hacker with Asperger’s Syndrome Ruined Cyber Infrastructure of Tech Giants

    When Adam Mudd (goes by the online handle of themuddfamily) was 15, he developed a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack tool called Titanium Stresser. The tool was then used by him to conduct large-scale cyber attacks on the websites of Cambridge University, technology giant Sony Corporation and Microsoft. Mudd who is from the United Kingdom carried out 1.7 million […]

  • Russian MP’s son and hacker jailed for 27 years in US

    A Russian hacker arrested in 2014 has been handed the longest-ever prison time in the history of U.S for a crime of this nature. He is now facing a 27 Year jail time for his cyber-shenanigans. Roman Seleznev aka Track2, the 32-year-old hacker was accused of hacking point-of-sale computers and according to several media outlets, […]

  • Beware; Sophisticated Phishing Attacks Using Unicode Characters

    Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera browsers are known for their tight security measures, yet they are often targeted by malicious actors because of the fact that these are the most used browsers worldwide. As a result of the tight security measures, hackers have come up with a new technique to target users with a highly […]

  • How a man’ life was ruined due to a typo in IP address by Police

    You probably remember Amazon’s engineer who’s typo messed up the entire AWS (Amazon Web Service). But what happened in the United Kingdom ruined a man’s life. The man in question is Mr. Nigel Lang, a UK resident who in 2011 got arrested at his home because, according to the police, he was a suspect for keeping child pornographic content […]

  • Police hunting for man who killed people live on Facebook

    A man identified as Steve Stephens broadcasted a live video on his Facebook this Sunday afternoon in Cleveland, Ohio. In the video, which has already been removed from the website, he seemingly seeks out a random elderly man with whom he strikes up a conversation before shockingly pulling out a gun and shooting his victim point blank […]