Category: Cyber Crime

  • URL Padding: Facebook Mobile Users Hit by Phishing Scam

    We have read stories regarding how email is heavily used for phishing scams by sending out fake emails that eventually lead the user into clicking a malicious link. We have grown so used to the fact that now, we seem to think email is the primary way to attack for spammers. However, here you will see […]

  • Man arrested for uploading Deadpool on Facebook may face 3 years in jail

    Trevon Maurice Franklin, a Fresno, California resident uploaded the blockbuster movie Deadpool on Facebook in February 2016 just 8 days after its release in theaters. Now consequently he has been arrested by The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). 21-year-old Franklin was arrested last week and charged with copyright infringement. If convicted Franklin will face three years in a Federal prison. Deadpool movie […]

  • 4 School Districts in Florida Attacked By Moroccan Hackers

    A group of hackers from Morocco allegedly tried to hack the US voting systems. In an attempt, they hacked four school districts from Florida. According to reports, several hacking attempts were said to be made on the US voting system and culprits were mostly believed to be from Russia. However, it seems that another group […]

  • Pervert arrested for taking candid photos of women, posting on Twitter

    The authorities in Calgary, Alberta have arrested a 42-year-old who took photos of random women without their consent. He would then post those pictures on his Twitter account that had over 17,000 followers. The account was named ‘Canada Creep,’ and it existed for over a year. The man operating it, Jeffrey Robert Williamson of Calgary, […]

  • Disruptive Ransomware Group ‘FIN10’ Hacked Casinos, Mining Firms

    The FireEye cyber security firm has discovered that a number of Canadian mines and casinos were hacked by a group named FIN10 whose location has not yet been identified – FireEye labels FIN10 to be “one of the most disruptive threat actors observed in the region.” Sensitive data and information were stolen: As part of the campaign, […]

  • Europol arrest 6 over malware crypter and counter anti-virus platform

    Authorities have conducted a large-scale operation against cyber criminals in several European countries. As a result, 6 people have been arrested while 36 have been questioned after Europol, Germany’s Kriminalinspektion Mayen, the Joint Cybercrime Action Taskforce (J-CAT) and Europol’s European Cybercrime Centre (EC3) raided 20 houses in Cyprus, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, and the United Kingdom between 5th […]

  • Crash Override – The 2nd industrial malware to target Ukraine’s power supply

    ESET, the Slovakian anti-virus software firm and Dragos, the US-based infrastructure security company recently discovered an industrial malware dubbed as “Crash Override” or “Industroyer” to have hacked into the Ukraine’s power grid in December 2015 and has caused a power outage for hours. A more advanced form The malware which caused the power outage in […]

  • Phishing Scams: 5 Excellent Tips That Will Protect You

    Phishing scams are growing in popularity and they are a common cause of identity theft. It doesn’t matter how experienced you are when it comes to the internet, it’s easy to click on a link without knowing if you can trust the source or not. The only way you can truly prevent a phishing scam […]

  • ‘The Most Sophisticated Mac Ransomware’ Being Sold on Dark Web

    Mac devices are known for their security, but things are changing now since hackers and cyber-criminals are coming up with new ways to target Mac users. Recently, the IT security researchers at Fortinet discovered a ransomware campaign that uniquely targets Mac OS and is being offered as a ransomware-as-a-service (RaaS) on dark web. Although this […]

  • Bitcoin, Litecoin Exchange BTC-E Suffers Massive DDoS Attacks

    After Internet of Things (IoT) devices, the favorite target of cyber criminals is cryptocurrency exchanges. In the latest, the popular Bitcoin and Litecoin exchange platform suffered a series of massive Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks disrupting its service and forcing the platform to go offline. The attacks started on 5th June when a Tweet came from […]

  • 14-year-old Japanese Student Caught for Creating Ransomware

    The cyber criminal community is quite active is developing nasty ransomware to infect unsuspecting users and demand a large amount of money in return. But who could expect a 14-year-old to develop a ransomware malware on his own? For the first time, Japan has come under the limelight for having a 14-year-old third-year junior high school […]

  • Leaked NSA Exploit ‘EternalBlue’ Being Used in New Trojan Attacks

    A recently leaked NSA exploit that was discovered in the biggest ransomware attack (WannaCry) ever is now powering Trojan malware. The EternalBlue exploit was leaked by the hacking group known as The Shadow Brokers and it was known for using the Server Message Block Protocol SMB vulnerability in Windows to hijack computers. Before it was discovered and got […]

  • Federal Contractor Caught Leaking Classified NSA Documents to News Outlet

    The new arrest that has happened recently has brought a 25-year-old Reality Leigh Winner to the federal court this Monday. The statement made by the Justice Department says that Winner has confessed to removing classified info from her workspace. The workspace in question is located in Augusta, Georgia, and is the new home to the Cyber Command […]

  • Hackers Leak First 8 Episodes of Steve Harvey’s “Funderdome” TV Show

    From the beginning, hacking were all about taking over servers and stealing data but for the last couple of years the trend has changed and hackers have been targeting giants like Hollywood and TV industry. Now, the DarkOverLord, a famous hacking group that had been responsible for leaking the first ten episodes of season 5 […]

  • Australian Pedophile Arrested as Philippine Cybersex Ring Busted

    The people of Philippines are known as one of the most hard working nations at home and overseas. However, the country is suffering from poverty and unemployment. The easy way to earn money for some is to step into the cyber-sex industry and nationals of countries like Australia, United Kingdom, and the United States are taking […]

  • Hooligans Biker Gang Arrested for Hacking and Stealing 150 Jeep Wranglers

    Now in the custody of the FBI, a gang calling itself the Hooligans Motorcycle Gang, had launched an operation in South California whereby they stole over a hundred Jeep Wranglers and moved them to Mexico where they would either sell the entire jeep or sell its parts. The Hooligans Motorcycle Club: According to the indictment issued […]

  • Google: Its Tech Now Blocks 99.9% of Gmail Phishing and Spam Emails

    After the effects of the phishing campaign that used Google Docs as a tool to attack, Google has launched a number of upgrades to Gmail and its browser so that users can be notified and warned of suspicious emails and websites that may contain malware. The new machine-learning model According to Andy Wen, who is […]

  • Ransom Fail: Hackers Leak Thousands of Naked Photos of Plastic Surgery Patients

    The Kaunas Lithuania-based Grozio Chirurgija clinics were recently hacked by a group called Tsar Team who leaked thousands of private photos of plastic surgery patients including naked photos of celebrities. What did the photos include? According to authorities, around 25,000 photos were leaked that included personal information. Also, the leak included 1,500 naked photos of Brits. Essentially, […]

  • Man Hacks Chinese Video Giant; Steals Millions of Dollars – Gets Caught

    A couple of weeks ago HackRead reported a hack in which a Dark Web seller was selling 100 million user accounts stolen from Chinese video service giant Youku Tudou. Now, it turns out that someone else was taking advantage of the hack or at least the vulnerability present in Youku’s server.  The 21-year-old Mr. Hu (since his first name was not […]