Category: Cyber Crime

  • PayPal users hit with “Payment Successfully Made Via Ali Express” Phishing Scam

    PayPal is one of the most used platforms for sending and receiving payments by small medium and large enterprises. This makes it the most lucrative target for cyber criminals which is why PayPal phishing scams are so common these days. However, with every new day, these cyber criminals are coming up with new tactics to trick […]

  • Gmail’s Spam Filter Not Impenetrable For Hackers

    Most of us today use Gmail as our primary email platform. It is indeed a very useful platform that is known for its efficiency and effectiveness. However, Gmail may not be as effective as we think it is. According to a recent research conducted by Renato Marinho at Morphus Labs, Gmail does not seem to spam emails that are […]

  • Protecting Small Business from Increasing Cyber Attacks

    No business, whether big or small, is safe in this era of cyber warfare. Target, TJ Maxx, and Home Depot are prime examples of how businesses loose million because of data breaches. Big-name businesses aside, even small businesses are being threatened with the same unfortunate fate. A report by IDC, a data firm, revealed that […]

  • Russian Authorities Arrest Nine for Stealing $17 Million from Banks

    According to Irina Wolf, the Russian Interior Ministry spokesperson, Russian Security Services officials have arrested nine hackers who are alleged to be members of a high-profile cybercrime group called Lurk. The state media news platform Tass reported that reason for their arrest is that the group has been stealing money from Russian banks since 2013 […]

  • Indian hackers hack Facebook groups for posting teen, revenge porn images

    Only yesterday we heard about Anonymous taking on the Dark Web based child pornography websites and now a similar operation was launched against pages/groups on Facebook uploading pornographic content. However, this time, the attack has been initiated by a group of Kerala, India, based hacker group called Kerala Cyber Warriors (KCW), which claim to be […]

  • “This is you?” message is the latest scam to be distributed via Facebook

    Facebook is one of the most used social media platforms in the world, and that makes it an attractive target for cyber criminals and online scammers.  The latest to join the bandwagon of message-based scams on the social network is “This is you?” scam. What’s happening is that users receive a message on their Facebook […]

  • Twitter Users Hit with Blue Badge Verification Phishing Scam

    Twitter account verification means your account will get a blue verified badge. Currently, anyone can apply for this verification, yet it depends on the Twitter team to decide whether you will be awarded a blue badge or not. The seekers of the elusive badge have now become the target of cyber criminals who have launched […]

  • PayPal Users Hit with Account Limited Phishing Scam

    Recently, Gmail users were targeted with a phishing scam, and now it’s time for PayPal since it is undoubtedly one of the most used online payment systems in the world making it a perfect target for cyber criminals. Eset, a cyber security firm, has discovered a phishing scam targeting PayPal users to steal their login credentials. In […]

  • Palestinian Engineer Jailed for Hacking Israeli CCTVs & Drones

    An Israeli court has sentenced Majid Oweida, a 23-year old from Gaza City to 9 years in prison on charges of hacking into Israeli drones. According to the prosecutors, the Palestinian computer engineer was spying on Israel for a terror group. Oweida was detained in February 2016 while he was indicted on charges of having a […]

  • Two Arrested in UK for Hacking DC CCTV Cameras Before Trump Inauguration

    On 12th January 70% of CCTV cameras in Washington DC were hacked with ransomware, that was just eight days before President Trump’s inauguration on 20th January. Now, authorities in London, UK have arrested two hackers on suspicion of hacking those CCTV cameras. The arrest took place on 20th January but the news about their detention […]

  • Conflicting Reports Suggest Phineas Fisher (HackBack) Arrested in Spain

    Spanish police have arrested three suspects for their alleged involvement in data breach against Catalan police Mossos D’Esquadra server in 2016. Germany-based malware developer/vendors FinFisher in 2014 and Italy-based Hacking Team back in 2015. Some reports suggest that among the arrested are the hacker “Phineas Fisher” aka “Hack Back!” and “@GammaGroupPR,” the online Robin Hood of […]

  • Breach Notification Website LeakedSource Allegedly Raided, Shut Down

    LeakedSource, a website dedicated to informing the public about data breaches, has gone offline and it has been 24 hours now since it is down. Speculations are rife that the website has become the target of a raid from law enforcement for being a controversial platform of breach notification. The assumption comes from the message […]

  • Malicious “Charger Ransomware” App Discovered on Google Play Store

    CheckPoint, a renowned security firm, has discovered that at least one app on Google Play Store is infected with Charger Malware. Charger malware is technically ransomware because the app managed to steal contacts and messages/SMS data from the infected device and then gains admin permissions to lock the device so that victim cannot use it. […]

  • Researcher claims to expose identity of Mirai Botnet Author

    Brian Krebs, the famous Infosec journalist whose website KrebsOnSecurity was targeted with a massive amalgamation of Mirai botnets to launch a notorious DDoS attack in October 2016, has managed to identify the perpetrator of the crime. It seems Brian Krebs has been working hard to unmask the creator of Mirai botnet that has been creating havoc […]

  • Cyber Criminals Held Cancer Services Computers for Ransom

    Little Red Door is the name of the Cancer Services of East Central Indiana. The executive director of the organization revealed on Tuesday that their computer systems have been infected with a ransomware by cyber criminals who happen to be “an international cyber terrorist organization”. Aimee Fant, the Executive Director of Little Red Door, officially revealed its involvement in the […]

  • Gmail Phishing Scam Stealing Credentials Through Infected Attachment

    Malicious threat actors are using exclusively designed URLs to deceive users into providing their Gmail credentials. This latest phishing campaign, discovered by security experts, utilizes a very effective phishing attack that can trick even the most alerted users and tech-savvy people. The campaign involves sending infected messages to the contacts from an already infected computer. […]

  • Netflix Users Targeted with yet another sophisticated Phishing Scam

    If you have a Netflix account you might be at risk of falling prey to a new phishing scam that targets Netflix users through emails. These emails contain a fake login screen of Netflix and ask for the login information. If the user enters the login information, the scammers ask for the credit card details. This particular […]

  • Student Arrested for Selling Keylogger that Infected thousands of devices

    A malware developer from Great Falls, Virginia created a keylogger having the capability of recording every single keystroke on a computer and sold it to over 3,000 people. As a result, around 16,000 systems were infected. The US Department of Justice released a press release revealing that the 21-year old hacker Zachary Shames was arrested […]

  • Facebook users hit with “You are in this video?” malware scam

    Until now you must have heard about so many scams involving Facebook Messenger that whenever you see a suspicious chat message sent from other friends on your Facebook profile, you instantly feel alerted. However, there are still innocent Facebook users who fall prey to such scams every other day. The latest scam also uses the […]