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  • Consider Selfie Sticks Old-School — Time to use Hover Drones for Selfies

    You can now walk along with this drone and it will take selfies for you!  We all know that while using a selfie stick we look kind of dumb. It seriously seems pretty embarrassing when you are using a selfie stick in public. But the days of this embarrassment are numbered now since Zero Zero […]

  • Give Me $40 and I will Hack the $30000 Drone for You, claims Hacker

    A security researcher “hacker” has reportedly found a way to hijack a high-end drone using parts assembled to the tune of $40. Mr. Nils Rodday, a security researcher, announced at the RSA security conference in San Francisco that it was possible to hijack a $30000 drone from a mile away just by intercepting its wifi […]

  • NASA Denies AnonSec’s Claim of Hacking Global Hawk Drone

    NASA has denied that its drone was hijacked by any hacking group — Earlier a group on Facebook claimed to have hijacked a high-profile NASA drone. On Wednesday, NASA rejected the claim made by an Anonymous-linked group on Sunday regarding the hacking of one of its high-profile drones. The space agency stated that the 250GB […]

  • Hacker Leaks 250GB of NASA Data, Another Group Claims To Hijack NASA Drone

    A hacker breached into NASA server and leaked a trove of data that can cause unimaginable damage to the administration. A couple of days ago it was reported that a hacker going with the handle of @CthulhuSec leaked confidential data stolen from the United States largest police union. Now, the same hacker has come up with another leak of […]

  • This is how hacked Israeli drone feeds look like

    To date, it has always been reported that drones can potentially be hacked and a few cases where they, in fact, had been successfully hacked.  What we were never privy to were the detailed images of those hacked drones. However, thanks to The Intercept, this is no longer the case. The Intercept revealed that the […]

  • Pentagon To Give Official Honors To Military Hackers and Drone Pilots

    Pentagon has agreed that it will be extending official military honours to remote military personnel like military hackers or drone pilots after a plan to have their own medals was dismissed, a report from NYT. When the Defence Department’s 2013 plan to honour remote military personnel like drone pilots and military hackers with separate medals […]

  • US Border Patrol Drones Hacked by Drug Cartels

    The drug cartels are hacking US Border Patrol drones in order to cross the US-Mexican border illegally. It has been reported by the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agency that drug traffickers have hacked their UAVs to cross the US-Mexican border illegally. UAVs (unmanned air vehicles) are being […]

  • This New Secom Drone Will Hunt The Suspects Down

    Japanese company “Secom” has developed a drone that could be tough to handle for intruders trying to escape after committing any crime. This new drone is designed to autonomously detect suspect and also to take their snapshots while they are trying to escape from the crime scene. It also has led lights installed for night operations […]

  • This New Gadget Transforms Paper Airplanes into Powerful Drones

    Powerup and French drone-maker firm Parrot collaborated together to create a revolutionary new gadget that easily converts something as insignificant like a paper airplane into a virtual-reality, electronically controlled device. The developers attached remote controlled engines and a camera to the paper plane in order to transform it into a powerful drone, explained PowerUp. To offer […]

  • Pentagon Working on Drones That Vanish in Thin Air After Mission

    In 2011, Iran captured an American drone (unmanned aerial vehicle UAV) Lockheed Martin RQ-170 Sentinel and claimed that the drone was taken down by its cyber wing. Now, to avoid such incidents in the future, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency‘s (DARPA) ICARUS project has managed to produce such equipment that can disappear in thin air. This way, […]

  • Activists Fly Drone Over NSA complex in Germany, Dropping Pamphlets Against Spying

    Former NSA spy Edward Snowden may have exposed the government’s surveillance program around the world, but it didn’t change the way security agencies spy on its citizens. A group of activists from Intelexit decided to protest against the National Security Agency office at the Dagger Complex (a U.S. military installation) in the south of Frankfurt, Germany by sending […]

  • Hackers Can Exploit Security Flaws In Drones To Hijack Flight Controller

    Security flaws have been found in drones that could allow hackers to target and attack the flight controller which includes numerous sensors as well as the processing unit, reveals a research conducted by Oleg Petrovsky, Senior AV researcher of HP Security. We all know that there have been number of recent developments in the manufacturing […]

  • Homemade Helicopter Powered By 54 Miniature Drones

    Last week, a YouTube user posted a video on his profile in which he recorded a test flight of his homemade personal helicopter that is powered by 54 miniature drones. The creator, apparently “gasturbine101”, gave a name to his machine, “Swarm Manned Aerial Vehicle Multirotor Super Drone”. But since it is a manned flying machine […]

  • Boeing’s New Portable Laser Cannon to Shoot Drones Right Across The Sky

    Recently, a new threat to modern day warfare was identified by the US military and government in the form of commercial drones equipped with chemical weapons and explosives. However, Boeing has finally come up with a solution to address this threat with its portable Laser Cannon. The renowned weapons manufacturer firm Boeing has introduced the […]

  • Top British Hacker For ISIS Junaid Hussain Killed in US Drone Strike

    A British computer hacker, an ex-TeaMp0isoN member and a member of the so-called Islamic State (IS, previously ISIS/ISIL) believed to be killed in a recent drone air strike by the United States in Syria. The hacker was a British-born Junaid Hussain and had been accused of being involved in directing and encouraging a series of conspiracies against western countries. […]

  • Drone Caught Delivering Drugs, X-Rated DVDs, Firearm at a High-Security Prison

    The state of Maryland has witnessed an unusual case of package delivery; two individuals were found attempting to smuggle a few articles of contraband into the Cumberland prison, using a drone as their mode of delivery. The two men (Thaddeus Shortz and Keith Brian Russell) were located and arrested on Highway 220, which is in […]

  • Pentagon Plans to Double Drone Flights by 2019 to Expand Surveillance

    After momentary calmness, the Pentagon has planned to double the number of U.S. drone flights by 2019. This increment would help military chiefs with an increased access to the intelligence while improving their firepower. This bold step has raised concerns about the forthcoming military drone strikes. Currently, about sixty-one drone flights are directed by Pentagon […]

  • This Aerial Assault Drone Can Hack Computers Inside Walled Compounds

    A drone is known for killing people or for its surveillance capabilities, but an aerial assault drone with hacking capabilities? Yes, you read that right! This Sunday, the collection of hackers got beefed up some more with the emergence of a drone equipped with weapons that could easily crack into your computer networks from a close range. […]

  • Tiny Drones Using Insect-Like Vision for Better Navigation

    Researchers and designers are working together to design tiny bug-sized drones but what’s giving them a hard time is their navigation system. There is a high risk of collision when these drones are being operated in narrow and cluttered areas. To eliminate this technical challenge and to enhance the navigation system of these drones, researchers […]