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HackRead, found November 2011 (11/11/11) is your gateway to the world of Internet that centers on Technology, Security, Privacy, Surveillance, Cyber warfare, Cybercrime and first hand Hacking News, with full-scale reviews on Social Media Platforms.

In the last 4 years, we have been a leading, reliable and authentic news source for core topics related to Technology, InfoSec, Cyber Security, Warfare, and Hacking.

We provide daily updates and newsworthy information regarding the major modern day changes, risks, and tools related to IT and Computer Security. We have been a source and reference for several AntiVirus Software programs that majority of people use for their online protection. It was due to our exclusive and investigative reporting that HackRead was used as a resource by McAfee® Labs in their Threats Report for Third Quarter in 2013. 

Our news articles have been used by several authors in their books as reference including Cyber Warfare: A Multidisciplinary Analysis Culture and Computer Network Attack Behaviors.

Our efforts here at hackread.com have and will continue to educate and protect users from those who wish to take advantage and hurt those who don’t understand online threats. We are here to dedicate and ensure that you are up to date, aware and have the knowledge of both the benefits and protection throughout your Internet journey. 

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