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  • How to Choose the Perfect Laptop for Online Study

    The internet truly has changed the way that we live, with more people shopping, finding entertainment, and even working online than ever before. This has also had a huge impact on the world of education; today, there is a range of online-only universities available for students, along with many well-known campus colleges, such as Pepperdine University, […]

  • Turn Off Irritating Facebook Live Video Notification Pop-ups

    How to turn off Facebook Live Video notifications? Readers have been asking this question for a long time so here is a quick solution! Facebook is a great place to keep in contact with friends or to promote your business but there’s one thing that is very annoying about this social media giant and that is […]

  • Spytector Employee Monitoring Made Easy (Review)

    It is somewhat a proven fact that Computer & Internet have brought a new era of productivity into the human life in a number of aspects. That being said, the same computers and internet connectivity options seem to become one of the notable reasons for distraction – especially when it comes to companies that provide […]

  • DocuFreezer: Offline conversion of documents to PDF and JPEG’s demystified [Review]

    People handling hundreds of documents weekly as part of their personal or professional work know how it feels when their internet connection is down for converting their documents to PDF’s. Thanks to the internet, almost everything is available at the launch of a website and so it goes with online file conversion tools. But what […]

  • Top 10 Facebook Tricks You Must Know

    Do you surf facebook for hours? And would like to have some additional functions to your tiny world of friends? Well, if yes then you are at the right place. In our today’s article we would be covering few of the best tricks that will make your facebook lot more efficient and joyous. So, let’s […]

  • See if your system was used in your absence

    Want to see if your computer was used while you were not on the table? Have you found an important file deleted, in the time when you were away from your pc and want to find who was there at your PC or due to any other reason? If yes then follow the steps below: […]

  • How to trace any person surfing on Internet

    We often find difficulties when we are dealing with strangers on the internet and want to know the exact location from which are communicating from? This is often the case when we are freelancing and are chatting with a person who says he is from some country but we doubt on it. There are number […]

  • Turn Your Desktop into a Touch Screen!!!

    Wonder, if you can change your desktop screen into a touch screen with minimal investment? Well, it is possible. Your desktop screen can now be turned into a fully touch screen, but that would not be a finger touch; it would be a pen touch. Recently, a new pen is introduced which can be used […]

  • How to Undo Sent Emails from Gmail Tutorial

    Do you find yourself in trouble when you send a mail to a wrong recipient and believe the user might use the mail wrongly? Your problem might be resolved in the following tutorial just follow the steps and you can get back the mail back from the recipient’s the inbox. 1. Sign in to your […]

  • Run Android Applications on PC via Android SDK Manager

    Do you wish to run Android application or games but don’t have a Smartphone to do it? Well, we would in this tutorial unleash a method by which you can run Android applications on your own PC. So, let’s started then…….. 1. You need to at first download Android Sdk which you can by clicking […]

  • Download Free Billiard Masters 3D Game for Computer [Download Link Available]

    Billiard Masters 3D is a board game that can be played on a PC against it or with your friends, it has Cool display and easy to play for all ages. System requirements for this game are simple and everyone can afford it. It required  Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista with memory 233 MHz and just 32 MB RAM.  Download the game directly by clicking the below given […]

  • Download Cricket Power-Play Game for all iOS [Download Link Available]

    For all the cricket fans all over the world, Cricket Power-Play is now available for download. Are you ready to step into the league of the most devastating batsman in the game?  Terrorize the bowlers with your big-hitting skills during the Power-Play overs, in this exciting, realistic and feature. The game is a delight for the […]

  • Skype 4.0 for Linux now available for download

    Skype has finally announced its latest Skype 4.0 for Linux operating systems and it is now available for download.   It took a lot of hard work and time to develop amazing new skype features for Linux , Skype 4.0 is now available for download and a detailed note on new Skype 4.0 features are given below. Features […]

  • iPhone: Sync Photos To iCloud From Any Album via Cloudy Exporter [Download]

    If you know how to use it, iCloud is a great function for all the iOS devices. Photo Stream is the most catchy and famous among all iPhone’s cloud services. If you are among those who own more than one Apple product then you will found it comfortable to access all the pictures that you take via iPhone, iPad or iPod touch go […]

  • Call of Duty ELITE For iPhone and iPad for Free [Download Link Available]

    Call of Duty: Elite is now available for iPhone and iPad, it can be downloaded in app form, allowing you to enjoy your favorite video game anywhere you want to.   For those who don’t know what Call of Duty is, it is undoubtedly world’s best video game when it comes to First Person Shooting games. Call […]

  • Download OnLive Desktop iPad & Run Windows 7 [Free Download]

    Finally, the OnLive Desktop app  for iPad has been released today for free download.  In our previous post regarding OnLive App we updated you that the firm has developed a Virtual Microsoft Windows 7 app specifically for iPad which will allow user to experience Windows 7 and Microsoft product including Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint on iPad through OnLive’s […]

  • Grand Theft Auto III For Android [Review & Download]

    Grand Theft Auto III, a  game that entirely changed the world of video games. The 10th anniversary of world’s most dominant games of all time was celebrated by Rockstar Games as The critically applaud smashing hit Grand Theft Auto III comes to mobile devices, bringing the wild and dark side of Liberty City back to life. From […]

  • Easy Mp3 Downloader Android Apps Download Mp3 files for Free

    Are you tired of transferring your favorite music files from your phone to your laptop or from laptop to your phone? then here is an easy solution, Use Easy mp3 Downloader app is a solution to avoid the annoying file transferring process. This app provides you freedom to play, download and search music files directly […]

  • How to Install Kindle Fire’s Silk Browser on Android [Tutorial]

    Last year when it was war like atmosphere between Apple and Android regarding the former’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 were among most of the breaking news, Amazon survived through the news with the tablet  “Kindle Fire” which evolved as a third power in the universe of tablet computing. Kindle Fire runs on Android, so what in the […]