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  • Some ISPs in India are blocking access to domain has been blocked by some ISPs in India and users are not happy about it. Earlier we reported how India has waged a war on Torrents and file sharing websites. Now according to Hackread’s readers in India, the World’s largest BitTorrent tracker ThePirateBay is being blocked by some Internet service providers (ISPs) throughout the […]

  • Indians could face jail time for torrenting and file sharing

    India is waging a war of Torrents and file sharing sites — The government has blocked several torrenting and file sharing sites and Imprisonment has been threatened for anyone viewing or downloading content from such sites It looks like the whole world is going after Torrent websites. Beginning with the shutdown of Kickass Torrents which led to the […]

  • Anonymous Hacks Spanish Police Server, Leaks Data Against Gag Law

    Details of Over 5,000 Spanish Cops Leaked Online by Anonymous because of Gag law A couple of weeks ago a hacker going with the handle of HackBack hacked into the servers of Sindicat De Mossos d’Esquadra (SME) or the Catalan Police Union and leaked highly confidential details of officials as a protest against police brutality. Now, the […]

  • Stealth Falcon Spyware Used by UAE to Intimidate Dissidents, Journalists

    Reports show that UAE was spying on journalists and activists through spyware called Stealth Falcon There have been a lot of stories on hacking and spying in the modern era that getting them all is close to impossible. But here and there comes a few which stand out and make people really talk about them. […]

  • Apple Deletes App That Informed Users If Their iPhone is Hacked

    Apple has removed a security App from its app store claiming it’s misleading and confusing for users — The app was developed to inform users if they are being hacked and spied by malicious actors! The usual search keywords on Google about hacking are hacking tools, how to hack or how to know if I […]

  • So long .SE, The Pirate Bay loses domain name court battle in Sweden

    After a long battle, The Pirate Bay has to say bye to its .SE domain! The Pirate Bay is no more. At least only in Sweden after the website suffered one of the first major blows in the country where a Swedish Court has ruled that the two domain servers, and will be […]

  • xHamster trolls North Carolina by banning itself against anti-LBGT law

    The world’s largest pornography website Xhamster has blocked its access in the state of North Carolina against the recently signed anti-LGBT law You must have heard about Springsteen boycotts but xHamster, the world’s 91st largest pornography site, has introduced a completely different way to protest against governments and to prove their stances. The move comes […]

  • TPP deal signed in New Zealand, a threat to Internet Freedom

    The TPP deal is coming and things won’t be easy on the Internet The Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal was signed by New Zealand trade minister Todd McClay recently in Auckland, putting the TPP a step closer to becoming a reality. The deal has been signed by ministers of all 12 member countries and will now […]

  • Heydays for Bitcoin Over? EC Eager to Ban Anonymous Virtual Currency Transactions

    The European Commission (EC) has decided to end anonymous virtual currency Bitcoin trading to track money-laundering that “helps terrorist group funding”. The EC published its Action Plan (PDF) yesterday, to intensify the fight against terrorism financing because as per the commission’s analysis criminals quickly find out newer strategies and techniques to move money through undetectable ways. […]

  • Wikileaks’ Julian Assange could be a free man this Friday, Thanks to UN

    Wikileaks founder Julain Assange can be a free man this Friday — His fate depends on the decision from United Nation’s Working Group on Arbitrary Detention (WGAD). Julian Assange, Wikileaks founder could be a free man on Friday, February 5th if the United Nation’s Working Group on Arbitrary Detention (WGAD) find Assange’s detention is unlawful. The breaking […]

  • Australian Government Portal Asks Users To Get Rid of Two-Factor Authentication

    MyGov, a portal used for managing various Australian government services is asking users to turn off their two-factor verification while traveling abroad. Portal’s administrator has been advising this move to the users on twitter. When on a trip outside Australia, users are required to change their SIM to a locally accepted SIM card and during this time if they want […]

  • Anonymous Hacks Asia Pacific Telecommunity Against Internet Censorship in Asia

    Anonymous hacker collective has attacked the official website of Asia Pacific telecommunity and defaced it in protest against growing plans for internet censorship in Asia. The hackers gained access of the website’s admin panel (running Drupal) and from there, leaked all the data stored on the website along with defacing the site with one of their […]

  • Pirate Bay Founder Invents Piracy Gadget to Cripple Music Industry

    The Pirate Bay co-founder Peter Sunde has invented a “Kopimashin” that will cripple the music industry. The co-founder of Pirate Bay Peter Sunde has been in trouble for the last couple of years for his connections with the site, that’s the reason he owes a large amount of money to entertainment giants. But if you […]

  • Social Media Pressure Forces Google To Restore Deleted Cyber Security App

    On 17th October 2015, a generous man uploaded an application on Google Play Store named “Cybrary”. The application was meant for people who have unreliable internet connections. The intentions behind this application were to start a free cyber security education portal through the application so that people may use these lessons and learn cyber security […]

  • Brazilian Court Puts 48 Hours Ban on WhatsApp

    A court in Brazil has ordered the mobile phone operators on Wednesday to block the WhatsApp messaging application throughout the country for 48 hours. A Brazilian court on Wednesday ordered telecommunications providers to block all access to the WhatsApp phone messaging application for 48 hours throughout Brazil, Latin America’s largest country, the Folha de S.Paulo […]

  • Trump, Clinton Would Like To Burn Freedom of Speech on Internet

    The U.S. presidential candidates who were once supporters of the freedom of speech seem to have completely changed their ideas. Looking at the recent speeches from the leading voices in the U.S it seems they want to curb the freedom of speech, especially on the internet due to a terrorist group making use of it. […]

  • France May Ban Public Wi-Fi and Tor Following Paris Attacks

    The government of France is in discussions on blocking Tor anonymity network and also the shared and free wifi network during a state of emergency. These proposals may be laid down in 2 pieces of legislation, one state of emergency and other in relation to counter-terrorism. According to the documents, the reason for blocking wifi in […]

  • Google Denies Online Censorship Deal with Israel

    Google has denied all the accusations that were put forward regarding monitoring or censoring of those YouTube videos that are made for inciting attacks on Israel — Google claims their recent meetings were routine and had no such agreements. Though, statement from Israeli foreign ministry last week said that the Google’s executives had agreed on […]

  • Facebook blocked anti-ISIS group setup by Anonymous hours before Paris attacks.

    Just hours before the Paris attacks, Facebook blocked a group “Report ISIS accounts” that was made by anonymous members for unmasking ISIS group members on Facebook. The Facebook group was started by the Anonymous group “Red Cult” and was part of the operation which was termed as #OpISIS by the Anonymous group. Social media has been the main weapon […]