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  • X-Rated Photos of WWE Divas Maria, Melina and Kaitlyn Leaked

    After leaking nude photos of Hollywood celebrities like Emma Watson, Amanda Seyfried and WWE female superstar Paige, hackers have now leaked a trove of nude photos apparently belonging to former but extremely popular WWE Divas including like Maria Kanellis, Melina Perez, Kaitlyn and Summer Rae. The photos were leaked on a website known a celebrity gossip site. The photos show all above mentioned […]

  • 21 Million Decrypted Gmail, 5 Million Yahoo Accounts Being Sold on Dark Web

    Last week HackRead exclusively reported on a Darb Web vendor “SunTzu583” selling millions of decrypted Gmail, Yahoo and PlayStation Network accounts. Now, the same vendor is offering a trove of data containing more of Gmail and Yahoo accounts with decrypted passwords. Gmail The total number of Gmail accounts being sold are 4,928,888 which have been divided into three […]

  • WWE’s Paige X-Rated Photos Leaked – ‘Total Divas’ Star Comments on Scandal

    At the moment, rumors are going around about the possible hacking of WWE female superstar Paige. This is after x-rated photos, and videos of her found their way online. Paige is also a member of the cast of E! Entertainment’s show Total Divas in which she stars alongside other WWE celebs. As one of the […]

  • Private Photos of Amanda Seyfried, Emma Watson and others Leaked

    It is 2017, but it’s still happening. The latest victims of this campaign include top celebrities, Amanda Seyfried, Emma Watson, Rhona Mitra, Alyssa Arce, Jillian Murray, Analeigh Tipton, Iliza Shlesinger and others. The leaked pictures and or videos were leaked yesterday on a celebrity gossip website “Celeb Jihad” ranging from nude selfies, explicitly sexual photos of intimate moments. The […]

  • Misconfigured Drive Leads to Data Leak of Thousands of US Air Force Officials

    Researchers at MacKeeper Security have identified a “misconfigured device,” which was available for public access last week. It was nothing short of a treasure trove of classified data because it contained sensitive personal/official information, backup data and confidential documents belonging to the US Air Force. It has been learned that the device was owned by […]

  • 640,000 Decrypted PlayStation Accounts Being Sold on DarkWeb

    Researchers are claiming that Dark Web marketplaces may be disappearing after the cyber attack by Anonymous on 10,000 websites last month but as far as hackers are concerned things are otherwise. Last week Last week HackRead exclusively reported on a vendor selling over 1 million Gmail and Yahoo accounts on a Dark Web marketplace. Now, […]

  • WikiLeaks Reveals CIA’s Hacking Capabilities in ‘Vault 7’ series documents

    Wikileaks has published a massive trove of data allegedly the biggest ever leak on Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) highlighting its hacking capabilities for large-scale cyber attacks and espionage. Dubbed Vault 7 by Wikileaks; the documents were supposed to be leaked by Julian Assange himself, however, due to attacks on his Facebook and Periscope streaming, the organization […]

  • 1 Million Decrypted Gmail and Yahoo Accounts Being Sold on Dark Web

    A dark web marketplace is where one can buy all sorts of illegal stuff including drugs, fake id cards and weapons. Lately, these marketplaces have become the best place for hackers and cyber criminals to sell databases stolen from Internet giants. Yahoo accounts A vendor going by the handle of “SunTzu583” is selling millions of Gmail and […]

  • Android Password Manager You Trust Could be Exposing Login Data

    According to the latest findings from TeamSIK, a group of security researchers associated with Darmstadt, Germany-based Fraunhofer Institute for Secure Information Technology, a majority of the popular Android password managers are plagued with serious security flaws. As per the information revealed by TeamSIK (technical details), these weaknesses are so severe that user credentials can easily be […]

  • Stuffed Toys manufacturer hacked; millions of accounts and voice messages stolen

    An Australian security researcher Troy Hunt has identified a hidden security vulnerability that lets anyone monitor personal data including pictures and record voices of kids who use CloudPets toys. Needless to mention, if the information lands into the hands of malicious cyber-criminals, it could very well be used for raking in ransom. It must be […]

  • 126 vBulletin forums hacked; 819,977 accounts leaked on hacking forums

    vBulletin (vB) is an internet forum software widely used by website owners. Lately, there has been a critical vulnerability in the software’s old versions allowing hackers to breach any forum who hasn’t been updated to the latest version. Recently, a hacker going by the online handle of “CrimeAgency” on Twitter is claiming to have hacked […]

  • CloudFlare Blames Internal Faults for Memory and Client Data Leakage

    Cloudflare has blamed an unspecified internal fault for the recent incidents in which it has been reported that the service may have lost client data. According to the company’s CTO, John Graham-Cumming, about 1 in every 3.3 million requests that the servers of the company were handling between 13th and 18th of February this way […]

  • Gun Retailer Airsoft GI’s Forum Hacked; 65,000 User Accounts Leaked

    A hacker is claiming to have hacked the official web forum of a gun retailer Airsoft GI and uploaded its data on Dropbox earlier today. The hacker who wants to remain anonymous is part of an underground hacker platform and maintains that the forum was hacked in January 2017. The data was first discovered by data mining […]

  • Hacker Dumps Hacking Tools Allegedly Stolen from Cellebrite

    A hacker is now dumping a large size of sophisticated cracking tools that are said to have been stolen from Cellebrite, the Israeli-based smartphone cracking company. The anonymous hacker has been dumping files from what has been described as a 900 GB sized trove stolen from Cellebrite. About a month ago, it was reported that a […]

  • PSP and Xbox Forums Hacked; 2.5 Million User Accounts Stolen

    Around 2.5 million Xbox and Playstation account holders are in trouble since after a year of getting their personal and account details stolen from the forum, now their data has been leaked online by hackers. The forums from where the data was stolen are Xbox 360 ISO and PSP ISO. These two forums are dedicated […]

  • Voyeur adult website hacked; 180k members data leaked

    The Candid Board, an x-rated website that operates underground and focuses on sharing disturbing Upskirt pictures of innocent, unsuspecting females has now been exposed to the public eye. Hackers have leaked personal details of around 180,000 members of The Candid Board online. The hack occurred due to the presence of misconfigured or inappropriately configured database. […]

  • Hacker Selling 126 Million Cell Phone Details of “U.S. Cellular” Customers

    A few hours ago we exclusively reported on a Dark Web vendor DoubleFlag selling more than 1 Billion accounts stolen from Chinese Internet giants. Now, the same vendor is selling something that is not just unique but also highly sensitive and something the Intelligence agencies around the world would consider an excellent opportunity to get […]

  • Hacker Selling 1 Billion user accounts stolen from Chinese Internet Giants

    A Dark Web marketplace is where you can buy anything from illegal drugs to weapons and several other products including digital goods. In a recent listing, a well known dark web vendor going by the handle “DoubleFlag” is selling data stolen from several Chinese Internet giants. According to the listing, the data belongs to companies such […]

  • Clash of Clans’ Developer “Supercell” Hacked; 1.1 Million Accounts Stolen

    If you have an account on Supercell, the company behind popular games like Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Boom Beach and Hay Day, then it is time to change your password at the earliest. Reportedly, over a million user accounts on Supercell’s community forum have been hacked and data traders are willing to swap the […]