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  • WWE Divas Charlotte Flair, Victoria Latest Victims of Leaked Photos

    Earlier this week, private photos and video clip of the famous WWE Divas Lisa Marie Varon known by her WWE name Victoria and Charlotte Flair were leaked online the internet. The photos showed Charlotte taking selfies of herself in front of the mirror using her iPhone while in Lisa’s case a video clip in her […]

  • Anti Public Combo List with Billions of Accounts Leaked

    There are so many data breaches these days that it’s almost impossible to keep a track of them. From billions of Yahoo accounts to millions of LinkedIn and MySpace accounts the whole thing is out of control. But then there are people dedicating time to track large-scale breaches. One of them is Troy Hunt from Australia […]

  • Dark Web Hacker Held Netflix to Ransom

    It seems that the DarkOverLord, a dark web hacker is back. Recently, the hacker made an attack on Netflix that went public with the illegal release of the yet-to-be-released season 5 of Orange is the New Black. Behind the scenes According to recent news, The Dark Over Lord had seemingly infiltrated the studio of Netflix from where he acquired […]

  • South Korean Bitcoin Exchange Yapizon Hacked; $5 Million Stolen

    Yapizon, a South Korean Bitcoin exchange suffered a massive data breach earlier this week when hackers stole 3816.2028 Bitcoin (US$5 million) which is 37% of user funds. According to the official statement from the exchange in the Korean language, the attack took place on Saturday, April 22, 2017, when a hacker compromised four of the […]

  • Anonymous India Claims Snapchat Hack, Leaking Details of 1.7 Million users

    One of the biggest and most popular social networking platforms, Snapchat, has once again become the center of attention. But this time, it is for all the wrong reasons with tweets and hashtags (#Uninstall_Snapchat and #BoycottSnapchat) urging people to get rid of the app. Apparently, the outrage started in India, after one of Snapchat’s former employees […]

  • Chinese Video Service Giant Youku Hacked; 100M Accounts Sold on Dark Web

    A few months ago we exclusively reported on a Dark Web vendor selling 1 Billion user accounts stolen from the Chinese Internet giants. Now, another vendor going by the handle of CosmicDark is selling a database containing 100,759,591 user accounts stolen from of Youku Inc., a popular video service in China. The database according to […]

  • New Leak from Shadow Brokers Show NSA targeted Windows and Banks

    Shadow brokers, a hacking group famous for its cyber shenanigans has strike back again. Earlier yesterday, the group dumped online, a huge list of hacking tools and techniques used by the US National Security Agency (NSA) to target Global banking system and Windows users around the world. The Million Dollar List According to several security […]

  • Hacked Nude Photos of Rosario Dawson, Miley Cyrus, Kate Hudson Leaked

    It’s just another day and just another privacy breach. This time hackers have leaked nude pictures and explicit videos of celebrities including Sin City’s Rosario Dawson, Miley Cyrus, British actress Suki Waterhouse, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days’ Kate Hudson and Dexter’s Yvonne Strahovski. The content was leaked and uploaded on a so-called celebrity gossip site Celeb […]

  • Hackers Leak Passwords to NSA’s “Top Secret Arsenal” against Trump’s Policies

    You may remember Shadow Brokers hacking group for selling a trove of hacking tools and exploits stolen from the NSA’s Equation Group last year. Although three months ago the group announced about quitting its operation since they failed to find a buyer for listings the group is back in the news and this time for leaking […]

  • Laptops With More than 3.7 Million Hong Kong Voters’ Data Stolen

    The Registration and Electoral Office of Hong Kong has reported the disappearance of two laptop computers after the chief executive election. The laptops contained around 3.7 million city’s voters personal information that could be compromised after the one of the most significant, if not the biggest ever data breaches in Hong Kong. The information that […]

  • 25 vBulletin Forums Hacked; Millions of Accounts Being Sold on Dark Web

    A couple of weeks ago we reported that a hacker has compromised hundreds of VBulletin based web forums and leaked their data on an underground hacking forum. Now another hacker going by the handle of “Cfnt” has compromised 25 web forums which were using an outdated version of vBulletin forum software. Their data is now being […]

  • WikiLeaks: CIA hacking tools infiltrate iPhones, MacBooks – Apple: It’s an old story

    WikiLeaks have been known to publish classified documents for a long time, and Thursday was no different the whistleblower organization revealed a new set of documents called “Dark Matter” from the “Vault 7” leak stating that the CIA has been infecting Apple products with a series of tools to spy on the US citizens. According […]

  • X-Rated Photos of WWE Divas Maria, Melina and Kaitlyn Leaked

    After leaking nude photos of Hollywood celebrities like Emma Watson, Amanda Seyfried and WWE female superstar Paige, hackers have now leaked a trove of nude photos apparently belonging to former but extremely popular WWE Divas including like Maria Kanellis, Melina Perez, Kaitlyn and Summer Rae. The photos were leaked on a website known a celebrity gossip site. The photos show all above mentioned […]

  • 21 Million Decrypted Gmail, 5 Million Yahoo Accounts Being Sold on Dark Web

    Last week HackRead exclusively reported on a Darb Web vendor “SunTzu583” selling millions of decrypted Gmail, Yahoo and PlayStation Network accounts. Now, the same vendor is offering a trove of data containing more of Gmail and Yahoo accounts with decrypted passwords. Gmail The total number of Gmail accounts being sold are 4,928,888 which have been divided into three […]

  • WWE’s Paige X-Rated Photos Leaked – ‘Total Divas’ Star Comments on Scandal

    At the moment, rumors are going around about the possible hacking of WWE female superstar Paige. This is after x-rated photos, and videos of her found their way online. Paige is also a member of the cast of E! Entertainment’s show Total Divas in which she stars alongside other WWE celebs. As one of the […]

  • Private Photos of Amanda Seyfried, Emma Watson and others Leaked

    It is 2017, but it’s still happening. The latest victims of this campaign include top celebrities, Amanda Seyfried, Emma Watson, Rhona Mitra, Alyssa Arce, Jillian Murray, Analeigh Tipton, Iliza Shlesinger and others. The leaked pictures and or videos were leaked yesterday on a celebrity gossip website “Celeb Jihad” ranging from nude selfies, explicitly sexual photos of intimate moments. The […]

  • Misconfigured Drive Leads to Data Leak of Thousands of US Air Force Officials

    Researchers at MacKeeper Security have identified a “misconfigured device,” which was available for public access last week. It was nothing short of a treasure trove of classified data because it contained sensitive personal/official information, backup data and confidential documents belonging to the US Air Force. It has been learned that the device was owned by […]

  • 640,000 Decrypted PlayStation Accounts Being Sold on DarkWeb

    Researchers are claiming that Dark Web marketplaces may be disappearing after the cyber attack by Anonymous on 10,000 websites last month but as far as hackers are concerned things are otherwise. Last week Last week HackRead exclusively reported on a vendor selling over 1 million Gmail and Yahoo accounts on a Dark Web marketplace. Now, […]

  • WikiLeaks Reveals CIA’s Hacking Capabilities in ‘Vault 7’ series documents

    Wikileaks has published a massive trove of data allegedly the biggest ever leak on Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) highlighting its hacking capabilities for large-scale cyber attacks and espionage. Dubbed Vault 7 by Wikileaks; the documents were supposed to be leaked by Julian Assange himself, however, due to attacks on his Facebook and Periscope streaming, the organization […]