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  • Hackers Leak 1.5 Million ESEA Player Records after Demanding $50k as Ransom

    E-Sports Entertainment Association, popularly known as ESEA is a well-known video gaming community. In fact, it is one of the largest of all video gaming communities across the globe. It is, therefore, not surprising that malicious cyber-criminals would look for a way to attack this particular platform. According to reports, ESEA website was hacked on […]

  • Unprotected MongoDB: Medical Data of Veterans affected by sleep disorders leaked

    MongoDB database is being used by high-profile platforms worldwide but recently it is in the news for all the wrong reasons. It was just a couple of days ago when a researcher discovered a ransomware scam targeting Mongo users and now Chris Vickery and his research team at MacKeeper has discovered a database belonging to […]

  • Hacker Claims Breach of FBI’s Webserver; Plone CMS Calls It a Hoax

    A hacker going by the online handle of “CyberZeist” has claimed to have hacked the content management system (CMS) of the official website of Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the mainstream investigation agency of the United States. The hacker claims he compromised the Plone CMS system used by the bureau to obtain login credentials of […]

  • Pakistan automotive giant PakWheels Hacked, 700k accounts stolen

    PakWheels, a famous automotive classified website in Pakistan has revealed that their server was breached by an unknown third party exposing personal data of registered users. In an email sent to users on 26th December, the site explained that hackers were able to conduct this breach by exploiting a known vulnerability in outdated vBulletin forum software. Although […]

  • Anonymous Hacks Thai LA Consulate to Protest Arrests and Cyber Law

    The online hacktivist group Anonymous was furious over the Thailand government passing the Internet surveillance and scrutiny law and to register their protest the group leaked highly sensitive data from the ministry of foreign affairs and Thai Royal Navy but with the arrest of nine hacktivists and one among them being charged the anger has […]

  • Data Breach: Anonymous hacks Thai Navy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    The online hacktivist Anonymous and their Thai counterparts have hacked into the servers of country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), Thailand International Cooperation Agency (TICA) and Royal Thai Navy – subsequently publicly leaking a trove of personal and official data. The cyber attack was conducted under the operation “OpSingleGateway” against the recently passed cyber-scrutiny law in the […]

  • NWH Hacker Steals 30,000 Passport Records from Russian Consulate Website

    A hacker using the pseudonym Kapustiky from New World Hacktivists (NWH) group has managed to hack and steal crucial details of thousands of citizens by compromising a Russian consular department website The hacked data includes emails, IP addresses, passport and telephone numbers. Reportedly, the hacker has stolen around 30,000 records and aims to dump […]

  • Video-sharing Website Dailymotion Hacked; 87 Million Accounts Leaked (Updated)

    Dailymotion, a world renowned video sharing website has suffered a massive data breach in which a hacker whose identity is unknown successfully stole 87 million accounts and shared with LeakedSource, a data breach notification website. The data breach which took place on 20th October 2016 allowed the hacker to steal usernames, emails and hashed passwords of Dailymotion’s […]

  • Vendor claims to sell millions of Experian and Whois accounts on Dark Web

    DoubleFlag, the hacker plus vendor who is known for selling high-profile data on the dark web marketplaces is back at it again, this time, with more data and double the price. In his recent listing, the vendor is claiming to have access to the complete databases of two of the world’s best-known companies Experian and […]

  • Highly Sensitive Data of Explosives-Handling Company Leaked Online

    It has been discovered that the data of an explosive-handling business was leaked. It is highly frightening if the information security of an explosives-handling business is compromised. It poses the threat of such sensitive information getting into the hands of criminals or even criminals who may try to obtain the explosive materials by using the […]

  • Sensitive Data of 130K+ US Navy Sailors Stolen Due to One Hacked Laptop

    Hackers and cyber criminals are gradually upping their game. After exposing exclusive personal information of millions of users through massive data breaches of popular social media platforms and other websites, now these notorious criminals are eyeing high-profile government institutions. And, they are succeeding at that as well. The current occurrence is a clear proof that […]

  • AdultFriendFinder Network Hacked; 412 Million User Accounts Exposed

    Adult Friend Finder has been hacked again — This time, 412 million accounts have been stolen and exposed. This can easily be termed as the biggest and largest data breach and hacking feat of 2016. In the latest data breach, all adult websites owned by Friend Finder Inc. have been hacked leading to exposure of […]

  • Hackers Leak Crucial Data From 7 Indian Missions

    The data belongs to Indian Missions in Africa and Europe — Hackers claim they leaked the data because site admins didn’t respond to security alerts.  Hackers using the alias Kapustkiy and Kasimierz posted on twitter that they have managed to access the official websites of the Indian missions in countries including South Africa, Libya, Malawi, Mali, Italy, Switzerland and Romania. Also Read: Unicef India […]

  • Cisco’s Mobile Careers Site Exposed Job Seekers Data

    Cisco has issued a security advisory stating that a portion of data belonging to its job seekers was discovered online by an independent security researcher. Cisco has warned aspiring applicants to beware of a mobile site data leak and be cautious while applying through its Professional Careers Mobile site. The company has emailed the users of […]

  • WikiLeaks Releases DNCLeak2; Suffers Massive DDoS Attack

    The official website of WikiLeaks suffered a brief outage when it came under DDoS attacks right after posting new DNC e-mails earlier today. WikiLeaks has revealed that their email publication server has been suffering massive DDoS attacks since the platform published a new trove of DNC e-mails dubbed as DNCLeak2). On Twitter, WikiLeaks announced that their website […]

  • Anonymous Hacks Milwaukee’s Charitable Bradley Foundation Network

    Anonymous is claiming to have hacked the Charitable Bradley Foundation Network and leak confidential details about American presidential candidate Hillary Clinton — Experts believe it’s a phony hack. The Milwaukee-based charitable foundation has been hacked by the notorious hacker collective Anonymous. The credit for this hack has been taken by famous “Anonymous Global” group by […]

  • Shadow Brokers Dump List of Servers Hacked by the NSA’s Equation Group

    ShadowBrokers Posted Links with Linux and Sun Solaris Servers’ Lists, originally hacked by NSA’s Equation Group – The list may also contain details on whether the NSA was spying on you or not. The battle between ShadowBrokers and Equation Group is getting heated ever since the latter scored points with its dumping of series of […]

  • US Voter Data Leaked Again; This Time Multiple States are Involved

    Just like American election 2016 the voters’ data has also become a joke. Voters in any country want their personal voting data to remain private and confidential, especially if you are living in the United States, where voting systems are supposed to be highly advanced and reliable. But unfortunately, voters in the United States are […]

  • Red Cross Data Leak; Personal Data of 550,000 Blood Donors Stolen

    Australia Blood Donors data has been stolen — It is Australia’s largest security breach ever. Lately, the International Red Cross has been surrounded by controversy but in the latest, the organization has suffered a massive leak in which personal details of 550,000 blood donors in Australia have been stolen. The organization has acknowledged the hack […]