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  • WWE’s Paige X-Rated Photos Leaked – ‘Total Divas’ Star Comments on Scandal

    At the moment, rumors are going around about the possible hacking of WWE female superstar Paige. This is after x-rated photos, and videos of her found their way online. Paige is also a member of the cast of E! Entertainment’s show Total Divas in which she stars alongside other WWE celebs. As one of the […]

  • Security Flaw Allowed Hackers to Compromise WhatsApp, Telegram Accounts

    CheckPoint, an Israeli security firm, unveiled this Wednesday a security flaw in encrypted messages that could affect the web version of WhatsApp and Telegram. The platforms were alerted about the vulnerability on March 8th and have already fixed the issue in both messengers by changing the file upload validation protocols to protect against the attack. The flaw […]

  • Private Photos of Amanda Seyfried, Emma Watson and others Leaked

    It is 2017, but it’s still happening. The latest victims of this campaign include top celebrities, Amanda Seyfried, Emma Watson, Rhona Mitra, Alyssa Arce, Jillian Murray, Analeigh Tipton, Iliza Shlesinger and others. The leaked pictures and or videos were leaked yesterday on a celebrity gossip website “Celeb Jihad” ranging from nude selfies, explicitly sexual photos of intimate moments. The […]

  • Wikileaks Vault 7: CIA hacked Smart TVs, Phones, Trucks and Computers

    Wikileaks, the famed whistleblowing platform, recently revealed a lot to the public. Titled Vault 7, Part 1, the documents show a grim view of government surveillance as we know it. Among the disturbing pieces of information was that of the CIA’s efforts to breach the security of Apple’s iPads and iPhones. The Central Intelligence Service […]

  • Android Password Manager You Trust Could be Exposing Login Data

    According to the latest findings from TeamSIK, a group of security researchers associated with Darmstadt, Germany-based Fraunhofer Institute for Secure Information Technology, a majority of the popular Android password managers are plagued with serious security flaws. As per the information revealed by TeamSIK (technical details), these weaknesses are so severe that user credentials can easily be […]

  • Stuffed Toys manufacturer hacked; millions of accounts and voice messages stolen

    An Australian security researcher Troy Hunt has identified a hidden security vulnerability that lets anyone monitor personal data including pictures and record voices of kids who use CloudPets toys. Needless to mention, if the information lands into the hands of malicious cyber-criminals, it could very well be used for raking in ransom. It must be […]

  • Our TV Viewing Habits Can Be Monitored for the Benefit of Marketers

    We cannot ignore the fact that billions are spent on TV commercials by production houses and companies. In the USA, approx. $69billion is spent annually on TV ads. Therefore, it is very important for them to find out the best way to invest money and create profitable campaigns. This can be accomplished by assessing what […]

  • Cellebrite Can Now Unlock, Extract Data From iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

    Cellebrite, the famous Israeli firm known for reportedly cracking the iPhone 5C of San Bernardino shooter is back in the news and this time the company is claiming that their Advanced Investigative Service (CAIS) product can now even crack iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. The announcement came from Cellebrite’s director of forensics research, Shahar Tal […]

  • How to Install TOR on Android and iOS Devices

    You can safeguard your online privacy when you are using an Android or iOS device to browse the internet by using TOR. TOR hides and occasionally changes your IP address when you are online. Thus, when you are using TOR on either of these devices, your privacy and identity will be safe when you visit […]

  • Tiny “Spyslide Webcam Cover” Protects Your Privacy From Hackers, Spies

    Last year, a picture of Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg in his office went viral on the Internet, but the reason for it going viral was not only Zuckerberg himself but also the background in the picture showing his Macbook webcam was covered with a tape. Why was his webcam covered? Well, thanks to Edward Snowden who taught us a lot […]

  • Check How Facebook AI Monitors Your Activities with this Crazy Chrome Extension

    It isn’t a secret that Facebook studies the activities of its users for miscellaneous purposes using its Artificial Intelligence mechanism. It helps the social network in showing relevant information on your News Feed, which is usually evaluated by analyzing your social media interests and salient activities on the website. However, now you have an open […]

  • Charging Smartphone in Public Ports Leads to Data Hack — So Let’s Stop

    A smartphone with a low battery is a real problem, especially when you are on the go. In such scenario, finding a USB port installed somewhere or charging facility at public outlets seems to be a blessing. Public charging ports are installed almost everywhere for the users and vicitors convenience such as at airports, conference centers, […]

  • Apple May Introduce Facial Recognition Instead of Touch ID in iPhone 8

    Apple had introduced fingerprint scanning feature to prevent users from the hassle of forgetting their passwords and also to make sure that the phone cannot be exploited by hackers and thieves if it gets stolen. However, the company believes that this is still not enough and they need to augment their security measures, even more, […]

  • Goodbye Spy Toy: Germany Bans My Friend Cayla Doll

    The trend of manufacturing internet connected smart toys is certainly gaining momentum. Dolls, teddy bears and other toys are now able to create a bond with the kids simply through their enhanced interactivity. However, the fact cannot be ignored that with blessings come bane; these web-connected toys are although seemingly very playful and helpful in […]

  • To Spy or Not to Spy; Congress to Decide

    Dec 31st was the expiry date for section702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA). Tech groups have been bandied together to remind Congress that the decision to extend the act should not be taken so lightly. And there should be an open debate rather than a rubber stamp to the provision which allows the […]

  • Mozilla says Firefox Klar does not Collect User Data from iOS Devices

    A German security researcher Peter Welchering stated in an interview for a German newspaper namely Deutschlandfunk that Mozilla Foundation is collecting users’ personal data through the iOS version of Firefox Klar. Welchering’s findings were seconded by another researcher Hermann Sauer. The researchers collaborated together to evaluate the new app and identified the majority of data […]

  • Tor and Its 10 Best Alternatives

    The Onion Router (TOR) has been one of the most secure and reliable methods that people have been using to access the internet since the early 2000s. The essence of the TOR network is that you can comfortably access the internet as an entirely anonymous entity, overcome all manner of geo-restrictions and even access the […]

  • Deleted browsing history on safari may not actually be deleted

    Elcomsoft is a Moscow based firm that creates forensics software said it was possible [Pdf] to retrieve your deleted browser history beyond a year. Elcomsoft CEO Vladimir Katalov stumbled upon this while he was testing out his new hacking tool to view his safari history on his iPhone. He discovered that Apple was storing consumer data […]

  • US could demand social media passwords of visa applicants

    Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly announced at a hearing that discussions are being held with regards to the introduction of more stringent vetting measures as part of the pre-screening of visa applicants. One of the prerequisites under discussion is the disclosure of social media account passwords to American embassies upon applying for visas. More: US […]