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  • Botnet of things: Samsung SmartCams vulnerable to hackers

    It is a fact that users have become suspicious of Internet of Things (IoT) devices since the appearance of Mirai botnet and the subsequent DDoS attacks on high-profile companies. The latest exploit involving Samsung SmartCams further strengthens this notion that IoT devices are quite vulnerable to hacks. Since the time Samsung’s SmartCams went on sale, […]

  • IHOP’s Twitter account hacked; retweets a tweet against Hillary Clinton

    On Sunday, the International House of Pancakes or IHOP stated that their Twitter account was hacked after the appearance of a politically charged retweet involving a tweet from a user going by the handle of PoojaSlays about Hillary Clinton citing that the ex-first lady ran a “major garbage campaign.” Must Read: Twitter suspends ‘Pharma bro’ Martin Shkreli’ account […]

  • Israeli Phone Hacking Firm Cellebrite Hacked; 900 GB data stolen

    Cellebrite, the Israeli spy firm who were reportedly used by the FBI to unlock the iPhone of San Bernardino shooter Syed Rizwan Farook has now been hacked and a trove of its data has been stolen. Simply put, hackers have been hacked themselves. The firm has acknowledged the hack and released a public statement revealing that “Cellebrite recently […]

  • Hamas Compromised Dozens of IDF Soldiers’ Phones Using Seductive Female Images

    The IDF and Israeli Security Agency Shin Bet have jointly conducted an operation called “Operation Hunter’s Network” against the Hamas network after the officials got a hint of a new campaign from Gaza-based Hamas hackers. In this new campaign, hackers posted seductive pictures of young, beautiful Israeli women on social media to attract IDF soldiers […]

  • Hacker siblings arrested for targeting Italian elite – infecting 20k emails

    Two London-based hackers namely 45-year old Giulio Occhionero and 48-year old Francesca Maria Occhionero have been arrested by Italian police for attempting to hack the communications of Italian elite including former Prime Minister Matteo Renzi and economist Mario Monti. The hackers, who happen to be siblings, not only tried to hack communications of Italian PM […]

  • Notorious Shadow Brokers’ Group Now Selling Windows Hacking Tools

    Shadow Brokers is an emerging new group of black-hat hackers that has been making headlines lately for posting about prevailing vulnerabilities and exposing exploits out in the public. They became famous when they stole and sold “powerful” spying tools developed by the NSA (National Security Agency) and suspected of being used by another notorious group […]

  • Anonymous hacks Thai Gov’t job portal; leaks a trove of data

    The online hacktivist group Anonymous has conducted yet another cyber attack on Thailand‘s government over the recently passed cyber-scrutiny law. This time the group has targeted the Thai government job portal by leaking personal and sensitive details of officials and job seekers. The data which has been leaked on the dark web has been divided […]

  • Hackers Leak 1.5 Million ESEA Player Records after Demanding $50k as Ransom

    E-Sports Entertainment Association, popularly known as ESEA is a well-known video gaming community. In fact, it is one of the largest of all video gaming communities across the globe. It is, therefore, not surprising that malicious cyber-criminals would look for a way to attack this particular platform. According to reports, ESEA website was hacked on […]

  • Unprotected MongoDB: Medical Data of Veterans affected by sleep disorders leaked

    MongoDB database is being used by high-profile platforms worldwide but recently it is in the news for all the wrong reasons. It was just a couple of days ago when a researcher discovered a ransomware scam targeting Mongo users and now Chris Vickery and his research team at MacKeeper has discovered a database belonging to […]

  • Wikileaks Support Account Deletes Tweet about Making Database of Verified Accounts

    Wikileaks is known for leaking data that may be impossible to get your hands on otherwise, but on 6th Jan 2017, in now a deleted Tweet from the official and verified Wikileaks support account it was stated that the organization was “thinking of making an online database with all “verified” twitter accounts & their family/job/financial/housing relationships.” It […]

  • Brazil’s largest news portals UOL and Folha hacked; redirected to RedTube

    Last week we exclusively broke the news about Google Brazil domain’s defacement due to DNS hijacking, now another high profile company in the country has faced the wrath of hackers when earlier Friday morning all domains under UOL and Grupo Folha were redirected to a famous pornographic website RedTube. Grupo Folha is the third largest […]

  • Hacker Claims Breach of FBI’s Webserver; Plone CMS Calls It a Hoax

    A hacker going by the online handle of “CyberZeist” has claimed to have hacked the content management system (CMS) of the official website of Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the mainstream investigation agency of the United States. The hacker claims he compromised the Plone CMS system used by the bureau to obtain login credentials of […]

  • Lone Hacker Defaces Google Brazil Domain

    A hacker going by the online handle of “Kuroi’SH” hacked and defaced the official Google Brazil domain earlier Tuesday afternoon. The hacker left a deface page along with a message on the targeted Google domain greetings his friends for the successful attack on such a high-profile domain. The deface page uploaded by Kuroi’SH remained on the […]

  • Philippine Military Website Hacked and Defaced

    A hacker going by the online handle of Shin0bi H4x0r hacked and defaced the official website of the Philippine Military on 30th Dec 2016. The hacker left a deface page along with a message on the hacked military website bashing the site’s admins for not implementing proper measures on such a high profile platform. Upon visiting […]

  • Anonymous Hacks, Defaces Bilderberg Group Website Against World Crisis

    The online hacktivist group Anonymous along with their counterparts from HackBack movement have hacked and defaced the official website of The Bilderberg Group also known as Bilderberg Club, Bilderberg meetings and Bilderberg conference, an annual private conference of 120 to 150 people of the North American and European political elite, media personalities, industrial and finance giants […]

  • OurMine Group Hacks Nat Geo Photography’s Twitter Account

    The OurMine hacking group is back with yet another high-profile social media hack. This time, the group has hacked the official Twitter account of Nat Geo Photography about an hour ago and started a series of Tweets to its 2.71 million followers. After taking over the verified account of Nat Geo Photography the group posted their signature tweet […]

  • Pakistan automotive giant PakWheels Hacked, 700k accounts stolen

    PakWheels, a famous automotive classified website in Pakistan has revealed that their server was breached by an unknown third party exposing personal data of registered users. In an email sent to users on 26th December, the site explained that hackers were able to conduct this breach by exploiting a known vulnerability in outdated vBulletin forum software. Although […]

  • Anonymous Hacks Thai LA Consulate to Protest Arrests and Cyber Law

    The online hacktivist group Anonymous was furious over the Thailand government passing the Internet surveillance and scrutiny law and to register their protest the group leaked highly sensitive data from the ministry of foreign affairs and Thai Royal Navy but with the arrest of nine hacktivists and one among them being charged the anger has […]

  • Three Chinese Hackers Made Millions by Hacking American Law Firms

    The threats for law firms which offer legal advice on mergers have evolved from worrying about deal tips getting leaked to the hacking of deal tips. Nowadays, companies and organizations are much more worried about hacking attacks than employees giving away deal tips. This assumption was proven to be true when several US-based law firms […]