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  • Indian hacker pwned Air India, SpiceJet & Cleartrip; booked free flights

    Kanishk Sajnani, a young ethical hacker who is in his early 20s, recently managed to conduct a hacking spree and reward himself a discounted flight, a free ticket and much more. However, instead of doing the things he could, he simply informed the respective companies about the flaws their systems had. This is what ethical […]

  • Hackers Claim Leaking Thousands of Spotify Login Credentials

    Amidst the recent series of attacks launched on various computers through the WannaCry Malware, a relatively minor incident occurred in which Spotify took the hit by having its user’s credentials dumped on a public website for everyone to see. The Leak Boat The hacker group, Leak Boat, has claimed responsibility for publishing the usernames and […]

  • Hackers trying to bring back WannaCry attacks by DDoSing its KillSwitch

    It was over a week ago when the nasty WannaCry ransomware attack started infecting critical cyber infrastructure in more than 150 countries. Its target was Windows users demanding a ransom payment of $300 in Bitcoin in order to unlock their files. Not to mention that it was all possible due to an NSA exploit leaked […]

  • How To Prevent Growing Issue of Encryption Based Malware (Ransomware)

    The Internet is dark and full of terrors! Yes, the virtual world has its fair share of downsides as well. Online threats such as data hacking, virus infestation, malware attacks are common. Ransomware is another addition to the list. Ransomware programs such as WannaCryptor (aka WannaCry) CryptoLocker and CryptoWall are the most prevalent of threats […]

  • WannaCry responsible for infecting medical devices

    It is not surprising to know that Internet-connected Medical devices are vulnerable to cyber attacks. There have been several cases in the recent past in which cyber criminals took over life-saving devices and held them to ransom. Now, it has been identified that WannaCry ransomware, the heinous ransomware that has been on the loose for over […]

  • Sweden drop rape case probe against WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange

    In a recent development, Swedish lawmakers have dropped the investigations against WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, which alleged him of rape back in August 2010. The decision will set free Assange after a 7-year legal stand-off. In a statement, the Prosecutors’ Office said that: “Chief Prosecutor Marianne Ny has today decided to discontinue the preliminary investigation regarding suspected […]

  • Zomato Hacked; 17 Million Accounts Sold on Dark Web

    Since 2015 the Dark Web marketplaces have been flourishing. From drugs, weapons, databases, fake documents to all sorts of illegal stuff are available for anyone at anytime. Recently, HackRead found out a vendor going by the online handle of “nclay” is claiming to have hacked Zomato and selling the data of its 17 million registered users […]

  • WikiLeaks Posts User Manuals for CIA Malware AfterMidnight and Assassin

    WikiLeaks recently leaked some files as part of its Vault 7 series, that contained user manuals for two malware called, Assassin and AfterMidnight. According to the documents, these viruses belong to the CIA. RELEASE: CIA remote control & subversion malware systems 'After Midnight' and 'Assassin' #Vault7 — WikiLeaks (@wikileaks) May 12, 2017 What […]

  • Hackers hold unreleased Pirates of the Caribbean movie to ransom

    The CEO of Disney Bob Iger has reportedly warned that hackers are holding the unreleased copy of “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie which is due to be released this summer by Disney franchise but the hackers are demanding a massive amount of ransom payment in Bitcoin and threatening to release the movie before time if […]

  • WannaCry ransomware: Researcher halts its spread by registering domain for $10.69

    Last year the Internet was taken down by cyber criminals through a massive Distributed Denial of Service Attack (DDoS) attack using the infamous Mirai malware. But last Friday afternoon, almost 99 countries including Russia, UK, USA and Australia became victims of a worldwide mass cyber-attack that has been reported to have caused major disruptions to […]

  • Radio Station Caught Teaching Listeners How to Hide Child Pornographic Content

    The authorities around the world are doing whatever it takes to hunt down pedophiles but a radio station in the United States was caught teaching something else and it’s shocking. A radio station CAVE 97.7 FM from Arizona state was airing disgusting public announcements about how to store child pornography, reports News 4 Tucson. The public announcement said “Always use […]

  • Hospital computers across England hacked; cyber criminals demanding ransom

    The cyberinfrastructure at hospitals across England has come under a massive cyber attack locking out the staff from their computers and diverting emergency patients. According to The Guardian, National Health Service (NHS) hospitals in the country have been hit with an attack displaying popups on the system demanding ransom money. Doctors have taken the issue […]

  • French electoral system hacked by Russia, NSA claims

    Recently, the American National Security agency (NSA) claimed that the elections held a few days ago in France, had been compromised and hacked by Russian cyber criminals revealing up to nine gigabytes of emails from Emmanuel Macron’s online campaign. The NSA: NSA Director, Michael Rogers seems to have come under the limelight as it is he who […]

  • Alert Mac Users; Handbrake Mirror download Server Hacked with Malware

    If you are using the famous file-transcoding app “Handbrake,” there is a bad news: The download server of the app was hacked according to the reports. If you installed the software between 14:30 UTC May 2 and 11:00 UTC May 6, there is a pretty good chance that you may have been affected too. Currently, […]

  • Thai Companies Hit by Ransomware Attack

    We are quite used to seeing hackers using ransomware apps to trick unsuspecting users into paying ransoms. But, in Thailand instead of targeting ordinary users, hackers targeted the big fish in the business. By big fish, we mean influential companies in the country, and the worst part, they couldn’t even lodge an official complaint in fear […]

  • Anti Public Combo List with Billions of Accounts Goes on Dark Web for Sale

    A couple of days ago it was reported that Troy Hunt, a cyber security blogger got his hands on a trove of data that was compiled by cyber criminals through brute force technique and some collected from previous data breaches. The data Hunt discovered was in two lists with one list containing 457,962,538 accounts while the […]

  • Debenhams Flowers Website Hacked; 26,000 Customers Impacted

    Debenhams, a British multinational retailer giant, said that its Flowers website was compromised and as a result, personal and financial information of 26,000 customers was stolen. The news came out when Debenhams sent emails to its customers revealing that their Flowers supplier, Ecomnova, a third-party company that owns flower and gifting websites, has experienced a cyber attack on […]

  • WWE Divas Charlotte Flair, Victoria Latest Victims of Leaked Photos

    Earlier this week, private photos and video clip of the famous WWE Divas Lisa Marie Varon known by her WWE name Victoria and Charlotte Flair were leaked online the internet. The photos showed Charlotte taking selfies of herself in front of the mirror using her iPhone while in Lisa’s case a video clip in her […]

  • Anti Public Combo List with Billions of Accounts Leaked

    There are so many data breaches these days that it’s almost impossible to keep a track of them. From billions of Yahoo accounts to millions of LinkedIn and MySpace accounts the whole thing is out of control. But then there are people dedicating time to track large-scale breaches. One of them is Troy Hunt from Australia […]