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  • Hackers alter stolen emails for clandestine attacks against Putin’s critics

    This has become the era where the internet is widely used for the purpose of cyber reconnaissance/espionage/corruption by political parties. To put in layman’s terms, the political leg pulling, posturing and deviance via cyber leaks have become quite common today. Be it WikiLeaks, Yahoo hacks at the time of US National election or any cyber […]

  • Google Docs Phishing Scam Cost Minnesota State Thousands of Dollars

    Last Wednesday the Internet was full of news reports regarding a new sophisticated phishing scam using Google Docs to trick users into giving away their login credentials by opening a fake Google document. The scam highlighted the importance of how people should be careful while clicking on an unknown link. The good news is that Google was […]

  • New iCloud Phishing Scam steals credit card data, access device’ camera

    When it comes to phishing scams, the general concept is that cyber criminals will only send a link to trick users into logging in with their social media or email credentials. But since that is an old school trick, the malicious threat actors are aiming at much more than your Facebook or Gmail password. Recently, […]

  • Facebook Last Warning Phishing Scam Stealing Login, Credit Card Data

    Facebook is undoubtedly one of the most used social media networks with 1.86 billion monthly active users. That’s why its users are also under constant threat by hackers and cyber criminals. Recently, we discovered a phishing scam targeting Facebook users by tricking them into giving away their login credentials and personal information. In this scam, the cyber […]

  • Facebook and Google linked to the $100 million phishing scheme

    If you think that the internet is a safe place, you need to think again! Not even Billion dollar companies like Google and Facebook are safe from the cyber-criminals! Remember when we reported about a multi-million phishing scam conducted by a man from Lithuania, Mr. Evaldas Rimasauskas? It turns out that the targeted companies in that […]

  • Beware; Sophisticated Phishing Attacks Using Unicode Characters

    Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera browsers are known for their tight security measures, yet they are often targeted by malicious actors because of the fact that these are the most used browsers worldwide. As a result of the tight security measures, hackers have come up with a new technique to target users with a highly […]

  • Android Version of Sophisticated Pegasus Spyware Discovered

    Pegasus is a smartphone spyware developed by the Israeli surveillance firm NSO Group; it is believed to be one of the most dangerous spyware that has been developed so far. It was found attacking iPhone devices in August 2016. Pegasus uses three iOS system’s zero-day vulnerabilities, which at that time were not identified. Now, Google and […]

  • Blizzard’s World of Warcraft fans hit by phishing scam

    Hackers have centered their attention towards a famous game “World of Warcraft, ” and things aren’t looking good for its fans. According to the Graham Cluley, hackers are conducting phishing attacks on gamers using two types of emails to steal their login credentials. The viscous scheme: Hackers are sending emails to World of Warcraft players making them […]

  • 13 Infected Android Apps on Google Play Phishing Instagram Accounts

    Lately, credential stealing campaigns and Instagram go hand in hand as we have seen so many credential stealers targeting social networking app users. These campaigns circulate on Google Play in the form of tools designed to increase the number of followers on Instagram. Recently, 13 malicious apps were identified to be uploaded on Google Play […]

  • New Phishing Scam Targets Digital Payment and Online Banking Users

    The cyber criminal community widely depends on phishing scams to target unsuspected users, that’s why these attacks are not only increasing but also adding sophisticated means to trick users into giving away their personal and financial details. Recently, security researchers at Cyren discovered a phishing scam targeting banking and digital payment customers worldwide. The targeted platforms […]

  • PayPal users hit with “Payment Successfully Made Via Ali Express” Phishing Scam

    PayPal is one of the most used platforms for sending and receiving payments by small medium and large enterprises. This makes it the most lucrative target for cyber criminals which is why PayPal phishing scams are so common these days. However, with every new day, these cyber criminals are coming up with new tactics to trick […]

  • Twitter Users Hit with Blue Badge Verification Phishing Scam

    Twitter account verification means your account will get a blue verified badge. Currently, anyone can apply for this verification, yet it depends on the Twitter team to decide whether you will be awarded a blue badge or not. The seekers of the elusive badge have now become the target of cyber criminals who have launched […]

  • PayPal Users Hit with Account Limited Phishing Scam

    Recently, Gmail users were targeted with a phishing scam, and now it’s time for PayPal since it is undoubtedly one of the most used online payment systems in the world making it a perfect target for cyber criminals. Eset, a cyber security firm, has discovered a phishing scam targeting PayPal users to steal their login credentials. In […]

  • Gmail Phishing Scam Stealing Credentials Through Infected Attachment

    Malicious threat actors are using exclusively designed URLs to deceive users into providing their Gmail credentials. This latest phishing campaign, discovered by security experts, utilizes a very effective phishing attack that can trick even the most alerted users and tech-savvy people. The campaign involves sending infected messages to the contacts from an already infected computer. […]

  • Netflix Users Targeted with yet another sophisticated Phishing Scam

    If you have a Netflix account you might be at risk of falling prey to a new phishing scam that targets Netflix users through emails. These emails contain a fake login screen of Netflix and ask for the login information. If the user enters the login information, the scammers ask for the credit card details. This particular […]

  • Facebook users hit with “You are in this video?” malware scam

    Until now you must have heard about so many scams involving Facebook Messenger that whenever you see a suspicious chat message sent from other friends on your Facebook profile, you instantly feel alerted. However, there are still innocent Facebook users who fall prey to such scams every other day. The latest scam also uses the […]

  • Tech Support Scammers Targeting Mac Users with DoS attacks

    The IT security firm has revealed that scammers are targeting Apple‘s Mac users with a new kind of malware that hijacks its Mail App and Safari browser to conduct denial of service (DOS) attacks. The attackers direct these apps to continually draft emails till the machine runs out of RAM and crashes eventually. The report also […]

  • Phishing attack on LA County computers; personal data of 756k people stolen

    The Los Angeles County employees have become the victim of a phishing attack and as a result, the data of around 756,000 individuals has become vulnerable to exploitation. The county has confirmed that a breach was carried out after a Nigerian hacker targeted around 108 employees with phishing attacks. It must be noted that in […]

  • Bahamian Hacker Gets 5 Years Jail Time for Hacking, Leaking Celebrities Photos

    Alonzo Knowles, a 24-year-old Bahamian male, has received five years in prison for violating the privacy of celebrities, athletes and famous personalities by hacking into their email accounts and stealing movie scripts, personal video clips and pictures from them. Also Read: iCloud accounts hacking: Nude Photos of 98 Hollywood Celebrities leaked online That list of […]