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  • Meet the Leet DDoS Botnet, Just as Powerful as Mirai

    Security experts from Imperva Security are describing Leet Botnet as more powerful than its counterpart botnet Mirai. In fact, Leet is being regarded as the winner of the title of most powerful DDoS (distributed denial of service) attack of 2016 with a humongous speed of 650 GBPS (gigabit per second) noticed recently by Imperva network. […]

  • Someone DDoSed ExtraTorrent Domain while ThePirateBay suffered downtime

    After the shutdown of Kickass Torrents domain, its fans moved onto ThePirateBay (TPB) and ExtraTorrent but someone conducted a series of massive DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks on the ExtraTorrent domain on Christmas which continued until the next day whilst ThePirateBay also went offline for unknown reasons. Although it is unclear what happened to […]

  • Tumblr Attackers Now threatening to Ruin Christmas for Xbox Users with DDoS Attacks

    A group is claiming to have carried out a successful distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack on Tumblr due to which the site went down this week and as a result, Tumblr was down on Wednesday for over 2 hours. This group of attackers goes by the handle of R.I.U. Star Patrol who state that they targeted […]

  • Steam and Origin Servers Down? Phantom Squad and PoodleCorp Claim Responsibility

    The famous DDoS attackers from Phantom Squad have claimed responsibility for conducting a series of powerful Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) on Steam and online gaming platform Origin servers. Now, you must be wondering why? Well, that’s simply because Christmas is coming and for some reason unbeknown to anyone other than them, these attackers have developed a habit of targeting online […]

  • Anonymous Shut Down Thai Sites Against Internet Censorship, Surveillance Law

    The government of Thailand has been under the hammer of internet activist groups since the parliament approved an amendment to the 2007 Computer Protection Law. There is strong resentment among activists because the Single Internet Gateway project will be implemented by the amended law, which was passed on Friday. The Single Internet Gateway project of […]

  • Ukraine Suffers Power Outage Possibly Due to Energy Plant Hack

    Looks like hackers are hell bent on giving Ukrainians a glimpse of stone age by keep on targeting country’s power sector. In the latest, Ukraine’s national energy company has become a victim of what could be a massive cyber attack. Ukrenergo, the national energy company, experienced power failure this Saturday. In a post on Facebook, […]

  • FBI Bust Indian Student for Conducting DDoS Attacks on a Chat Site

    Young hackers are creating quite a lot of trouble for the US cyber security agencies lately. To eradicate the threat, a multinational operation was carried out by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Europol for capturing young, impatient hackers. During the operation, a science student of Indian origin was also arrested. According to reports, the […]

  • Leading Clinical Laboratory Services Provider Suffers Massive Data Breach

    A major lab testing company Quest Diagnostics has become the victim of a hack attack and data breach. The company revealed that in November it suffered an “intrusion” due to which personal details of about 34,000 people were stolen. The hack attack occurred on 26th November and as soon as the company identified the intrusion, […]

  • Europol and US authorities bust 34 DDoS attackers and 101 suspects

    Since the emergence of Mirai IoT botnet, there have been a noticeable increase in DDoS attacks (Distributed Denial of Service) and it looks like authorities are eager to take on culprits behind these attacks.  In a statement released by Europol’s press service on Monday, it has been announced that Europol itself and with the help of US […]

  • 3 Reasons why cyberattacks force competitors to share information

    In their latest attempt to protect investor and customer data, eight major banks recently did the unthinkable: they formed an alliance. Reportedly, J.P. Morgan, Bank of America, Goldman Sachs and several other competitive institutions have agreed to the rapid sharing of information and analysis related to cyber threats. The coalition of otherwise cutthroat competitors reflects […]

  • New Botnet is Attacking the US West Coast with Huge DDoS Attacks

    In a blog post by CloudFlare, it has been revealed that the US West Coast is likely to become the target of yet another huge DDoS attack but this time it will be conducted with a different botnet than Mirai that was using during Dyn DNS attack which forced sites like Twitter, Amazon, PayPal etc […]

  • Amazon Launches AWS Shield DDoS Protection Service

    In 2016, there have been a rise in distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks against Internet giants as well as small business. The attack on Dyn DNS that forced Twitter, PayPal, NYT and others to go offline is one good example, thanks to unprotected Internet of Things (IoT) devices and botnets like Mirai and Bashlite. To tackle these growing threats companies are looking for a permanent […]

  • Female DDoS Attacker Charged with Crippling School System

    A senior female student at Franklin Regional High School was charged by the police for carrying out a series of cyber-attacks on not one or two but more than 12 local school districts. However, the targets of the 18-year old Michaela Gabriella King’s attack weren’t only schools as the teen also launched attacks against Westmoreland […]

  • European Commission Servers Offline After Massive DDoS Attack

    The European Commission servers were forced to go offline for hours on Thursday after suffering a series of large-scale distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. The Commission confirmed there was no data breach and also claimed that there was no service interruption but one staff member revealed they couldn’t access the Internet for hours after the attack. […]

  • Despite DDoS attack, Dyn Clinches Acquisition Deal with Oracle

    Last October, Dyn, a commercial DNS provider made headlines when it was attacked with a massive Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. The same company is in the news again but this time for a completely different reason. As surprising as it sounds, it is indeed true that Dyn has been acquired by Oracle. The […]

  • BlackNurse Attack Can Bring an Entire Business Offline with Just One Laptop

    Forget hacking IoT devices — Researchers have discovered a new denial of service (DoS) technique called BlackNurse that can disrupt high-end network hardware with nothing but just a single laptop. A newly discovered Denial of Service method can easily sabotage high-end network hardware without even needing extensive equipment. It needs one laptop to fulfill the […]

  • Top Russian Banks Suffer Powerful DDoS Attacks

    Russian banks suffered Powerful DDoS Attacks — Good news is that attacks were successfully mitigated. On Tuesday afternoon, around five mainstream banks in Russia were targeted with two-days-long series of continuous DDoS attacks launched through a wide-scale botnet that involved 24,000 computer systems from 30 different countries. However, the banks managed to prevent the online client services […]

  • DDoS Attacks on Apartments’ Heating System Left Residents Cold and Angry

    DDoS attacks are not meant for websites only — Here is a case in which hackers conducted DDoS attacks on an Apartments Heating System in Finland. Lappeenranta is a small city in eastern Finland with just 60,000 residents. Usually, this city is quiet and peaceful and very very cold in November. So, when people fail to […]

  • WikiLeaks Releases DNCLeak2; Suffers Massive DDoS Attack

    The official website of WikiLeaks suffered a brief outage when it came under DDoS attacks right after posting new DNC e-mails earlier today. WikiLeaks has revealed that their email publication server has been suffering massive DDoS attacks since the platform published a new trove of DNC e-mails dubbed as DNCLeak2). On Twitter, WikiLeaks announced that their website […]