Meet team hackread

Uzair Naqash

SEO specialist

Uzair Naqash is a Digital Marketer and Search Engine Optimizer. He Loves to play with Google ranking factors. He is also a contributor at In free time, Uzair’s loves playing computer games and he has full expertise in 8 ball pool even the top the Isle of man Country.

Asad Gilani


Waqas Amir

Founder And Editor

He is the brain behind He started this platform as a one man army to bring news from the dark side or call it the hidden side of the Internet.

Jahanzaib Hassan

Author and Contributor

A tech enthusiast, a writer and founder of TheTechMark. My dream is to become a successful entrepreneur and learn everything about hacking.

Ryan Bingham

Author And Researcher

I am an open-minded, open-hearted human being with a voracious, bottomless thirst for knowledge.
A single father, I write to not only teach the world of things unknown; but to help feed my family.

Rebecca James

Author And Contributor

Rebecca James is Editor in Chief at Most Secure VPN. She has worked with diversified online businesses to help grow and voice their presence on Social Media. Rebecca is passionate about online security and privacy, blogging and living life in outskirts.

Hattie James

Author and Researcher

Hattie is a writer and researcher living in Boise, Idaho. She has a varied background, including education and journalism. She is a former electronic content manager and analyst for a local government agency. She currently spends many sleepless nights seeking her MBA but always sets aside time to enjoy a good cider. Hattie has participated in NaNoWriMo for eight years. She “won” her first year.

Andreas Campbell

Author and researcher

I’m a security researcher with an interest in cyber attacks, politics, and sport. I study maths, computing science and physics and enjoy writing about and researching political movements and publishing the truth.

Ryan De Souza

Author and Editor

Ryan is a London-based member of the HackRead’s Editorial team. A graduate of Maths and physics with a passion for geopolitics and human rights. Ryan places integrity at the pinnacle of successful journalism and believes this is somewhat lacking in traditional media. Ryan is an educator who balances his time between family, social activism and humanitarian causes and his vice is Football and cars.

Ibrahim Zafar


Ibrahim aka Daudi is an Apple Enthusiastic from Australia. He has been glued to Apple since 2009. He is a Student by Day, Blogger by Evening, Technician by Night and backbone at forever. Daudi is also the founder and editor

Farzan Hussain

Security Writer

I am Mohammad Farzan! A technology and gadget enthusiast as well as a creative content writer with over six years of experience in writing engaging content. You will mostly find me writing occasional blog posts, designing websites, capturing photos, social networking and listening to music.

Agan Uzunovic

Security Writer and Researcher

Agan Uzunovic is a Bosnian journalist who is working for the country’s largest newspaper. He has a keen interest in reporting on activism and hacktivism. He is also a contributor at U.S based Revolution News media. Agan reports and writes for HackRead on IT security related topics.

Brandon Stosh

Author and Contributor

Brandon Stosh is the founder and CEO of Stosh is a cyber security researcher and professional consultant who strives to provide reliable news on cyber-security based topics. We are glad to have Stosh as a part of HackRead’s team as an author and a contributor.

Ata Ur Rehman

Web Consultant & Front End Developer

Ata is our developer, expert and the main brain behind the HackRead’s design. He is a down to earth person, always there for everyone. He is an avid observer of human beings and body language. Not in a creepy way, though!

Uzair Amir

Author and Researcher

Uzair, a genius with different and serious skills. He is an Electronic Engineer, an Android Game Developer and a Tech writer. He is our writer who covers IT Security related topics.

Ali Qamar

Contributor And Researcher

Ali is an Internet security research enthusiast who enjoys “deep” research to dig out modern discoveries in the security industry. To be frank and honest, Ali started working online as a freelancer and still shares the knowledge for a living. Ali is also the founder of

Owais Sultan

Researcher And Contributor

Owais takes care of Hackread’s social media from the very first day. At the same time He is pursuing for chartered accountancy and doing part time freelance writing.

Pushpa Mirza

Author and Researcher

Pushpa is an Indian journalist based in Dubai is working for Reuters’ Zawya business magazine and at the same time a passionate writer for HackRead. From the very first day she has been a blessing for the team Hackread. Thanks to her dedication and enthusiasm.

Carolina Oliveira

Author, researcher and social media geek

Carolina works for HackRead as a technical writer. She is a Brazilian traveller who has been to almost every country around the world. She has a keen interest in technology, gadgets and social media.

Ali Raza

Author and Researcher

Ali is a freelance journalist, having 5 years of experience in web journalism and marketing. He contributes to various online publications. With a master degree, now he combines his passions for writing about internet security and technology. When he is not working, he loves traveling and playing games.

Noor Qurashi

Author and Contributor

Noor is a security writer at TheHackToday. He is a passionate web designer, pen tester, coder and a contributor at HackRead. Noor supports the Anonymous hacktivist movement and likes to investigate their operation from the core.