Our Team


Founder & Editor-in-Chief

As the founder of Hackread.com, Waqas has led the charge in cybersecurity journalism since 2011. With a keen eye for emerging threats, Waqas has positioned Hackread.com as a trusted source for cutting-edge cybersecurity news. Waqas is not only the Editor-in-Chief but also a passionate advocate for digital literacy and online safety. His commitment to informing and empowering readers sets the tone for the entire organization.

Rayne Mickail

Senior Content Editor

Rayne is a London-based member of HackRead.com’s Editorial team. An Oxford graduate of Maths and physics with a passion for geopolitics and human rights. Rayne places integrity at the pinnacle of successful journalism and believes this is somewhat lacking in traditional media. Rayne is an educator who balances his time between family, social activism and humanitarian causes and his vice is Football and cars.

Owais Sultan

Contributing Editor

Owais Sultan, a contributing editor at Hackread.com, has been at the forefront of content management since 2013. With a wealth of experience, he plays a crucial role in shaping and delivering engaging content to our audience.

Uzair Malik

Web Developer and SEO Specialist

Uzair Malik is a valuable member of our team, serving as a web developer and SEO specialist at Hackread.com. With a versatile skill set, he not only excels in web development but also takes charge of SEO strategies, analytics, email management, and handles advertising queries. Having been a dedicated member since 2016, Uzair has played a pivotal role in the technical and promotional aspects of the platform. His expertise ensures a seamless online experience for our audience and contributes to the overall success of Hackread.com.

Uzair Amir

Contributing Editor

Uzair serves as a contributing editor at Hackread.com. Fueled by a passion for technology, he specializes in reporting on Google-related events, particularly the ever-evolving world of Android apps and the cybersecurity challenges they face. In addition to his role in journalism, Uzair is an entrepreneur who owns an app and software house. There, a dedicated team of developers works tirelessly to create new and exciting innovations every day.


Cybersecurity Writer

Deeba is a seasoned news reporter at Hackread.com, specializing in covering a wide range of cybersecurity, vulnerability, and cybercrime-related events. With over a decade of experience, Deeba has been a dedicated member of the Hackread.com team, contributing valuable insights and in-depth coverage to the platform. As a professional, Deeba's extensive knowledge have made her an invaluable asset to the organization. Her commitment to delivering accurate and timely information has played a crucial role in establishing Hackread.com as a go-to source for cybersecurity news.