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  • Wikileaks Vault 7: CIA hacked Smart TVs, Phones, Trucks and Computers

    Wikileaks, the famed whistleblowing platform, recently revealed a lot to the public. Titled Vault 7, Part 1, the documents show a grim view of government surveillance as we know it. Among the disturbing pieces of information was that of the CIA’s efforts to breach the security of Apple’s iPads and iPhones. The Central Intelligence Service […]

  • WikiLeaks Reveals CIA’s Hacking Capabilities in ‘Vault 7’ series documents

    Wikileaks has published a massive trove of data allegedly the biggest ever leak on Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) highlighting its hacking capabilities for large-scale cyber attacks and espionage. Dubbed Vault 7 by Wikileaks; the documents were supposed to be leaked by Julian Assange himself, however, due to attacks on his Facebook and Periscope streaming, the organization […]

  • Wikileaks Support Account Deletes Tweet about Making Database of Verified Accounts

    Wikileaks is known for leaking data that may be impossible to get your hands on otherwise, but on 6th Jan 2017, in now a deleted Tweet from the official and verified Wikileaks support account it was stated that the organization was “thinking of making an online database with all “verified” twitter accounts & their family/job/financial/housing relationships.” It […]

  • WikiLeaks Releases DNCLeak2; Suffers Massive DDoS Attack

    The official website of WikiLeaks suffered a brief outage when it came under DDoS attacks right after posting new DNC e-mails earlier today. WikiLeaks has revealed that their email publication server has been suffering massive DDoS attacks since the platform published a new trove of DNC e-mails dubbed as DNCLeak2). On Twitter, WikiLeaks announced that their website […]

  • Guccifer 2.0 Claims Hacking Clinton Foundation, Leaking Donor Databases

    Hacker Claims Hacking Clinton Foundation and Exposes Donor Databases and Pay to Play Folder — Experts believe it’s a phony hack. You may know that the notorious hacker Guccifer 2.0 was responsible for the DNC and DNCC hack attacks, which resulted in the resignation of Debbie Wasserman Shultz. But what you may not know is that […]

  • WikiLeaks Turkish AKP Email Dumps Contain Malware; Researcher

    LAST MONTH WIKILEAKS PUBLISHED EMAILS STOLEN FROM TURKISH RULING PARTY AKP — NOW, A RESEARCHER HAS PRESENTED A REPORT SHOWING THE AKP EMAILS CONTAIN MALWARE ATTACHMENTS! A security researcher, Vesselin Bontchev, claims to have found malware in several downloadable files in the leaked data dump published by WikiLeaks from the Turkish ruling party (AKP) server. […]

  • WikiLeaks Releases Voicemails from Hacked DNC Emails

    The pro-transparency publisher WikiLeaks has released voicemails in mp3 files downloaded from email records it leaked last week! After leaking Democratic National Committee (DNC) emails last week WikiLeaks has now released voicemails belonging to some top Democratic officials. According to tweets from WikiLeaks, the leaked files include 29 phone calls, totaling about 14 minutes. RELEASE: The DNC recordings […]

  • DNC Emails from WikiLeaks Pose Massive Privacy Threat to Donors

    WikiLeaks’ latest DNC email data dump is part one of organization’s new Hillary Leaks series — However, it also contains personal and financial data of innocent donors. The world looks at WikiLeaks as a source for exclusive information from the secret world of governments running the world and the world’s elite — While there is absolutely no […]

  • Wikileaks’ Julian Assange could be a free man this Friday, Thanks to UN

    Wikileaks founder Julain Assange can be a free man this Friday — His fate depends on the decision from United Nation’s Working Group on Arbitrary Detention (WGAD). Julian Assange, Wikileaks founder could be a free man on Friday, February 5th if the United Nation’s Working Group on Arbitrary Detention (WGAD) find Assange’s detention is unlawful. The breaking […]

  • Wikileaks Releases Documents From CIA Boss John Brennan’s Email Account

    The CIA boss John Brennan had his AOL-based email account hacked earlier this week by pro-Palestinian hackers — Now WikiLeaks has leaked some of the email content to public under the name of The CIA Files. Wikileaks has announced that they have the access to the contents of the recently hacked email account of John Brennan […]

  • WikiLeaks Data Dump Contains Malware Docs, Accessing Can Infect Your System

    Some recent data dump released by WikiLeaks on their website contains documents infected with malicious software that can easily infect anyone accessing them, according to the discovery made by an autonomous data researcher Josh Wieder. Wieder, apart from a researcher, is a system administrator who goes out of his way to inspect files and documents […]

  • WikiLeaks Exposes NSA’s Addiction of Eavesdropping on Its Friends

    A new assortment of documents have been released by WikiLeaks revealing National Security Agency has been spying on its German associates who are solely responsible for economics, commerce, finance and agriculture sector of the country. The documents, named as “The Euro Intercepts”, comprises of a list of phone numbers of German public officials and ministers who […]

  • WikiLeaks Releases 275k+ Hacked Sony Documents

    WikiLeaks, a whistle-blowing site has published 276,394 new docs taken from Sony in Nov by an anonymous attacker. It adds to the 173,132 emails and 30K docs published in April 2015. The new docs were made accessible on Tuesday by the WikiLeaks. No open proclamation from the site accompanied the released, yet it asserted on […]

  • German Town bans parents from calling their child ‘Wikileaks’

    A couple in Southern German Town has been banned from naming their child ‘’WikiLeaks’’, claiming that it may put baby’s life in danger. According to German website Passauer Neue Presse, the father of newly born baby Hajar Hamalaw wanted to name his son ‘’WikiLeaks’’ because he believes that the online whistleblowing platform has “changed the […]

  • Indian politician faking WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange words to gain popularity

    Indian politicians have taken social media to its greatest height during the coming 16th Lok Sabha elections. A politician’s strength and mass following is reflected on his/her social media management. Not allowing letting go any chance of belittling their opponents appears to be the main agenda running on the social websites, which rather should be used […]

  • WIKILEAKS RELEASE Syria: 84,067 sensitive emails from US intelligence contractor Stratfor

    WikiLeaks has released 84,067 highly sensitive email conversations between agents of US intelligence contractor Stratfor.  The release was announced by WikiLeaks on its official website according to which total 84,067 emails have been leaked out of which 1,181 are  sensitive emails and 149 emails are very sensitive. All emails are available on Wikileaks site and can be read by clicking here. A […]

  • Here is the List of 19 Countries Where Edward Snowden Has Requested Asylum

    The anti-secrecy non-profit organisation Wikileaks which publishes secret information, news leaks, and classified media from anonymous sources has published an application request that provides the readers an update on Snowden’s asylum process and also shows list of 19 new countries where NSA’s whistleblower may request for asylum. Wikileak’s legal advisor Sarah Harrison has submitted number of requests […]

  • More Leaks Coming Up in 2013,says WikiLeaks Founder

    Founder of WikiLeaks , Julian Assange is all set to leak one million documents belonging to different countries . This was declared by Assange on the Christmas day while standing outside the Ecuador embassy. Assange these days has been house arrested in the Ecuador embassy following his confidential document leaks that belonged to different government to […]

  • WikiLeaks to release two million ‘humiliating’ hacked Syrian government emails

    The WikiLeaks official  website has announced on Thursday that it had begun publishing more than 2 million hacked emails from Syrian government officials that would humiliate not only the President Bashar al-Assad but also many hidden faces. This leak will ruin the remaining credibility of the ruling regime in Syria, which is busy in massacring the rebellion for last 16-months. According to Wikileaks website: […]