WikiLeaks official website hacked by OurMine hacking group

Screenshot of the deface page uploaded by OurMine on WikiLeaks homepage

The official website of whistleblowing platform WikiLeaks was hacked Thursday morning by OurMine, a Saudi Arabia based hacking group. The hackers left a deface page along with a message on the homepage of the website explaining the reason for targeting WikiLeaks.

According to the deface message: “Hi, it’s OurMine (Security Group), don’t worry we are just testing your…. blablablab, oh wait, this is not a security test! Wikileaks, remember when you challenged us to hack you?”

“Anonymous, remember when you tried to dox us with fake information for attacking WikiLeaks ?” the message continues. “There we go! One group beat you all! #WikileaksHack lets get it trending on twitter !”

Here is a full preview of the deface page that visitors of the site witnessed early Thursday morning:

Screenshot of the deface page uploaded by OurMine on WikiLeaks homepage

As shown in the deface page, OurMine talked about Anonymous hackers and accused them of leaking fake information on the group’s members. If you are not familiar with what this is about then back in December 2015, YourAnonNews, a popular Twitter handle representing the hacktivist group Anonymous tweeted a Pastebin link claiming that it contains personal information on every member of OurMine.

Moreover, YourAnonNews said that the reason for going against the group was its attacks on WikiLeaks. Here is a Tweet was able to grab:

It seems that OurMine took the accusation quite seriously and waited for a long two years to reply which turned out to be a significant one.

Remember, OurMine previous hacks include social media accounts of HBO, Game of Thrones, as well as Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s Quora page. A full list of OurMine’s hacks is available here.

At the time of publishing this article; WikiLeak’s website was restored. However, there was no official response from WikiLeaks other than a Tweet correcting The Guardian that their servers were not hacked.

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