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  • implantable-cardiac-defibrillators-hacked

    After IoTs, it is the IMDs that are Most Vulnerable to Hacking

    Researchers from UK and Belgium have jointly conducted a research and concluded that hacking into implantable medical devices or IMDs is as easy as counting from one to three. The research was documented in a paper titled “On the (in)security of the Latest Generation Implantable Cardiac Defibrillators and How to Secure Them.” Also Read: Hacker who […]

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    Video-sharing Website Dailymotion Hacked; 87 Million Accounts Leaked

    Dailymotion, a world renowned video sharing website has suffered a massive data breach in which a hacker whose identity is unknown successfully stole 87 million accounts and shared with LeakedSource, a data breach notification website. The data breach which took place on 20th October 2016 allowed the hacker to steal usernames, emails and hashed passwords of Dailymotion’s […]

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    Credit Cards can be Hacked in Just 6 Seconds—Reveals New Study

    According to the latest research [Pdf] carried out by the University of Newcastle in the UK, hackers only require 6 seconds’ time to acquire sensitive details about your VISA credit or debit card along with its security code and expiry date. This particular study was published in the IEE Security & Privacy journal. As per the […]

  • saudi-arabian-central-bank-systems-targeted-with-shamoon-malware

    Saudi Arabian Central Bank Systems Targeted with Shamoon Malware

    Saudi officials are blaming Iranian government for conducting a sophisticated malware attack on computer networks across Saudi Arabia over the past two weeks causing damages to Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency, the country’s central bank. Also Read: Iran’s Key Petrochemical Complexes Attacked by Malicious Malware The investigations are currently underway to discover further details about the intensity […]

  • russian-central-bank-hacked-31-mil-gone

    Gone: Russian Central Bank hacked; $31 million stolen

    A couple of weeks ago it was reported that some top Russian banks suffered a series of massive Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. Now, hackers are upping their game every passing day and this time they have chosen to steal money from bank accounts that are kept at the Russia. Reportedly, hackers have managed to […]

  • apparent-experian-whois-hack-millions-accounts-sold-dark-web-main

    Vendor claims to sell millions of Experian and Whois accounts on Dark Web

    DoubleFlag, the hacker plus vendor who is known for selling high-profile data on the dark web marketplaces is back at it again, this time, with more data and double the price. In his recent listing, the vendor is claiming to have access to the complete databases of two of the world’s best-known companies Experian and […]

  • beware-of-these-cyber-threats-in-2017

    Beware of These Cyber Threats in 2017

    In light of all the controversy surrounding the presidential election this year and the most recent cyber hack of the San Francisco Muni Computer Network, businesses around the country are bracing for that next ‘big one’ that might be forthcoming in 2017. Cyber security is a huge concern, not just in the United States, but […]

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    Israeli News Channels’ Telecast Hacked; replaced with Muslims’ call to prayer

    Two main news channels in Israel were hacked and the attackers broadcasted a 30-second clip showing images of Muslim holy sites and Quranic scriptures. The timing of this hacking is quite sensitive as the news channels were hacked when the parliament was about to start voting for passing a bill aimed at banning Muslims’ call […]

  • tor-browser-impacted-by-firefoxs-zero-day-vulnerability

    Tor Browser Impacted by Firefox’s Zero-day Vulnerability

    Tor browser is known for preserving the identity of its users and letting them use the web anonymously. However, the browser is not free from flaws and has had its fair share of vulnerabilities, which security researcher point out from time to time. Also Read: Tor Anonymity: Things NOT To Do While Using Tor In the […]

  • gooligan-attack-millions-of-google-accounts-breached-android-malware-main

    Gooligan Attack on Android: Millions of Google Accounts Compromised

    Android is undoubtedly one of the most vulnerable operating systems for smartphones with hackers developing new Android malware every 17 seconds. To prove the point researchers have exposed a malware campaign known as “Gooligan” that has been targeting Android users and so far has breached more than 1 million Google accounts of users around the […]

  • carleton-university-computer-systems-ransomware

    Computer Systems at Carleton University Shut Down due to Ransomware

    Carleton University (Canada, Ottawa, Ontario) students must keep their computers and Wi-Fi routers off because some of the computers at the university are infected with ransomware. The malware uses encryption to lock the files on the system and ask for ransom. On Tuesday morning, the IT department of the university issued a notification to staff […]

  • mirai-botnet-targets-deutsche-telekom

    New Lethal Version of Mirai Botnet Claims First Target: Deutsche Telekom

    Mirai botnet has already created enough disruption at high-profile organizations and with its new version, we can expect it to exploit the already vulnerable IoT devices with a lot more zeal and intensity. The new version of Mirai bonnet has already claimed a victim, which is the German Deutsche Telekom. In a statement, the company […]

  • hacker-who-hacked-sf-rail-system-for-ransom-hacked-by-another-hacker

    Hacker Who Hacked SF Rail System for Ransom Hacked by Another Hacker

    On Friday 25th, the San Francisco Municipal Railway (MUNI) had their computer systems hacked and locked by a hacker who ended up demanding 100 bitcoins (USD 73,000) to unlock the whole system. Apparently, MUNI told the hacker to buzz off and restored the system after a while. Now, a security researcher Brian Krebs who was […]

  • hackers-deface-kuwaiti-parliament-website-main

    Hackers Deface Kuwaiti Parliament website on Election Day

    A group of hackers going by the handle of “Group_Dmar” hacked and defaced the official website of Kuwaiti Parliament on Saturday when the country was gearing up for its parliamentary election. Hackers left a deface page along with a brief message in Arabic accusing Mr. Abdul Hamid Dashti, a member of parliament of being an Iranian agent […]

  • female-ddos-attacker-charged-with-crippling-school-system

    Female DDoS Attacker Charged with Crippling School System

    A senior female student at Franklin Regional High School was charged by the police for carrying out a series of cyber-attacks on not one or two but more than 12 local school districts. However, the targets of the 18-year old Michaela Gabriella King’s attack weren’t only schools as the teen also launched attacks against Westmoreland […]

  • san-francisco-railway-fare-system-ransom-hack-featured

    San Francisco Railway’ Fare System Hacked for 100 Bitcoin Ransom

    On Friday 25th, a report emerged that the San Francisco Municipal Railway (MUNI) couldn’t operate because its fare system, which is entirely computerized, got targeted with a cyber attack. The attack occurred in the afternoon after which the ticket machines at the Railways showed these signs: “Out of Service” and “Metro Free.” Also Read: Scammers Using […]

  • israeli-firm-claims-it-can-crack-any-locked-smartphone

    Israeli Firm Says It Can Crack Any Locked Smartphone

    For the last few months, Israeli spy firms have making some strange claims such as Ability says that their “Unlimited Interception System” can trace calls, texts and location of every single mobile phone on the planet earth whilst another firm known as Wintego claims to have developed an app with “Unprecedented Capability” to steal encrypted communications of […]

  • us-government-us-military-hacking

    US Government Wants You to Hack US Military and Pentagon for Good

    Usually, security researchers feel hesitant to report any inherent flaws and vulnerabilities in software’s code or programming and other security holes plaguing cyber-based systems of the military primarily because they fear being blamed for hacking and adverse consequences. But, now the military itself is allowing hackers a chance to point out vulnerabilities in their online […]

  • tesla-model-s-android-ios-hacking

    Tesla Model S can be located, unlocked, stolen by manipulating Tesla apps

    The IT security researchers from Norway-based firm Promon have discovered a critical issue in the Tesla smartphone app on Android and iOS that allow an attacker to locate Tesla Model S, unlock, enable keyless driving functionality and steal the vehicle without any restrictions. In a video demonstration, researchers can be seen with a Macbook exploiting official Tesla apps […]