Meet Anthalon, fighting for freedom of the press

In today’s world, censorship and suppression of free speech are rampant in many parts of the globe. Governments and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are constantly struggling to get their message across to audiences in these areas, where traditional communication channels are restricted or non-existent. Enter Anthalon, a new company that vows to fight censorship and stimulate freedom of the press.

Anthalon enables governments and NGOs to deploy information in virtually any country, communicating with and gathering intelligence from audiences while fighting censorship and stimulating freedom of the press.

The company has developed a unique platform that allows them to serve ads in hard-to-publish places anywhere in the world. These ads are for example intended to, through intelligence gathering, find missing and wanted people.

One of the noticeable features of Anthalon’s platform is its broad range of high-end technology that it is capable of. By deploying programmatic advertising techniques, the company can detect user patterns and identify device IDs. This technology makes it possible for Anthalon to target its ads more precisely and efficiently, and gather intelligence more effectively.

In some cases, Anthalon serves as an intermediary for parties that offer rewards to encourage people to provide information. For instance, they may offer a reward for information leading to the reunification of a missing person with their families or the capture of a wanted criminal. This approach has proven highly effective in many cases, as it incentivizes people to come forward with valuable information that they may otherwise be hesitant to share.

Anthalon says its mission is to promote freedom of the press and human rights around the world. By enabling governments and NGOs to get their message out in areas where traditional communication channels are restricted, Anthalon wants to create a more open and transparent society.

Moreover, by gathering intelligence and targeting ads more precisely, the company is making it possible to find missing and wanted people more quickly and efficiently.

In conclusion, Anthalon can be a game changer for freedom of the press and human rights. With its innovative platform, the company is empowering governments and NGOs to fight censorship, stimulate freedom of the press, and gather intelligence more effectively.

One can only hope that more companies follow in Anthalon’s footsteps, and work to create a more open and transparent world for all. Visit for more information or read its founder, Isua Botman’s interview with FOX 40.

Editor’s note: This article was contributed by Anthalon.

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