French President’s Website Hacked by Anonymous Hackers

Anonymous hackers have attacked again, this time the French president’s website has been hacked and taken down against the French support for Megaupload crackdown and for officially supporting the SOPA and PIPA legislation, this Friday. Anonymous left their official “We are legion” message on the Presidential website. According to RT

Few days ago according to AFP, the French Culture Minister, Frederic Mitterrand hailed the crackdown on MegaUpload by saying  “It is delinquency, it is theft, The truth is that they are stealing on a large scale.”

This is not the first time when Anonymous hackers have attacked government website, two days ago the same group took down and crippled the websites of  US Department of Justice, White House’s website, Warner Music Group, Motion Picture Association of America and Universal Music Group.  Anonymous successfully took down the official FBI website, the same day.

According to Anonymous group, ”we will attack anyone who supports crackdown of Megaupload and the SOPA and PIPA bill.  

Until now, 20 international search warrants have been issued and 4 people in New Zealand are already arrested for their links with

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