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  • Researchers develop battery that could run for more than a decade

    According to researchers from Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences/SEAS, it is now possible to make flow batteries more practical. It is worth noting that flow batteries can store energy in liquid-filled tanks, but the only problem that was being experienced previously was that after a few charge-discharge cycles the batteries […]

  • Wireless Brain Interface Can Make the Paralyzed Walk Again

    After successful results on monkeys, scientists claim paralyzed people can also walk again with their recently developed wireless brain implant. Scientists from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) believe that one day it will be possible to see paralyzed people walking again. The claim is derived from results of a research conducted collectively by the […]

  • US Air Force now equipped with DARPA’s Space Surveillance Telescope

    DARPA’s Space Surveillance Telescope will help to track any objects or asteroids reaching close to the Earth. Pentagon’s DARPA (The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) has handed over its Space Surveillance Telescope to the United States’ Air Force Space Command (AFSPC) in New Mexico. The AFSPC received ownership and operation rights for the Space Surveillance Telescope […]

  • Artificial Intelligence can Decode and Unblur Pixelated Images

    Almost every one of us has heard about Artificial Intelligence (AI), but relatively few people have a really good idea of what it can really do — This report talks about AI unblurring pixelated Images. Believe it or not, but a recent study conducted by researchers at the University of Texas and Cornell University has revealed that [PDF] […]

  • This man is creating a chatbot for his mom so they can talk after she dies

    The CEO of Humai technology is working on a jaw-dropping chatbot for his mom so they can talk after she is gone. There’s no doubt that every single one of us wants to live forever and there is no doubt that nobody lives forever. But Josh Bocanegra, CEO of Humai, a technology company based in Los Angeles […]

  • Human Cells’ DNA can Store Complex Data- MIT Bio-Engineers

    ShortRead: Researchers have developed a new method to record ‘analog memories’ in human cells, allowing them to retrieve information of past events, such as inflammation, via DNA sequencing. Scientists have managed to record histories in the DNA of human cells, allowing them to recall past “memories.” The advancement could prove vital for researchers studying how […]

  • Robot Runs Away from Lab; Blocks Traffic in Russia

    A humanoid-looking robot in Russia fled after figuring out that the engineers forgot to shut the gates! Last year a technician at the Germany-based Volkswagen production plant was killed by a robot, of course, a human error was involved in that accident by what happened in Russia is not only funny but also shocking. There are many conspiracies about robots taking […]

  • Let’s Welcome Ross – World’s First AI Lawyer

    Lawyers tend to be much in demand nowadays, as they have always been. But quite possibly, very soon they might be given a run for their money because of Ross! Ross is the world’s first AI (artificial intelligence) lawyer robot created to assist a US-based law firm BakerHostetler in it day-to-day legal research. The law […]

  • Sony To Produce Contact Lenses That Can Take Photos and Record Videos

    In 2015, Google patented for a contact lens that can scan your Iris — Now, Sony is up for something similar but more influential. Would you believe if we say that you can now record video footages with the blink of your eyes? It does appear to be a concept straight out of a sci-fi movie […]

  • This Hacker was Arrested for Exposing Flaws in Lee County elections website

    David Levin, the 31-year old political consultant from Estero, was been jailed for over six hours for hacking into the Lee County election website on December 19, 2015. Levin turned himself in this Wednesday on three third-degree felony counts of property related crimes assuming that this is the right thing to do but now he […]

  • Microsoft Planning to Use DNA for Data Storage

    While Google wants to put our memories in a database and Humai wants to bring the dead ones back to life here’s Microsoft planning to use our DNA for digital data storage Technology has given us plenty of shockers but this can be easily termed as the ultimate shocker of all. You must have heard about […]

  • Stephen Hawking and Yuri Milner plan to build interstellar spacecraft

    Stephen Hawking and a Russian Billionaire Release plans to build an interstellar spacecraft You must be familiar with Stephen Hawking’s views on aliens waiting to destroy our planet but now things are getting a little bit crazy as he and a Russian businessman plan to build an interstellar spacecraft to better understand the cosmos. The search […]

  • Artificial Intelligence Robot claims it will destroy human race

    Conspiracy theories apart, Sophie seems to be an extremely creepy robot when it said it will ‘destroy humans’ “Sophia,” an advanced, lifelike robot told its creator that it will “destroy humans” at the South by Southwest (SXSW) technology show. The robot which was created by Hanson Robotics, a firm that was founded and is run […]

  • Hacking Brain Possible with DARPA’ New Targeted Neuroplasticity Training Program

    DARPA plans to hack the peripheral nervous system and American security officials and spies For the defensive purpose, it is very important to train the brains of the government agents and security personnel but it is a very costly, time-consuming and daunting task as it involves everything from learning foreign languages to cryptography. However, DARPA […]

  • Are ‘Artificially Intelligent’ Hackers The New Thing?

    The Artificial intelligent hackers coming sooner than you imagined The Darpa’s Cyber Grand Challenge which will be taking place in August is based on a unique theme – here, seven teams will participate to find vulnerabilities in the computer’s security system, so that they can be patched up before they are manipulated by hackers. With […]

  • Fingerprints are History — Brain Scans will be the Next-Gen Passwords

    Researchers are working on technology that can simply identify you by measuring your brain’s response to different stimuli. Brace yourself for a new, upcoming system that is going to make fingerprints and facial recognition technologies appear old school and obsolete. This new technology is nothing short of a revolution since it will promote brain scan […]

  • Killer Robots Are Coming But There Are No Laws About Using Them

    Killer Robots being Developed by Nearly 40 countries Without any Law That Establishes How to Use them Tech experts including Stephen Hawking already warned us about AI robots but what we didn’t know was that there are no laws about using them and that’s why the AI (artificial intelligence) experts from all over the world gathered […]

  • Researchers Create Device That Produces Electricity When You Walk

    Now You Can Produce Electricity While Walking – Claims New MIT Research The MIT research powerhouse has achieved another landmark in its already extensive research profile. Reportedly, MIT researchers have created an electrochemistry principle-based system, which can harness electrical power using mechanical energy. MIT professor Ju Li and graduate students Soon Ju Choi and Sangtae […]

  • Here Comes A Processor Capable of Transmitting Data Using Light

    Did you ever think of technology would evolve so much where processors could communicate through light? — Well, researchers at University of California, Berkeley, MIT and the University of Colorado, Boulder have demonstrated the first ever processor that actually uses light for super fast communication and data transmission. This could be a breakthrough in the […]